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Profile Picture Best Practices

Your profile photo (or avatar) is a great place to show the world the person behind your page. While some creators choose to keep the default fox avatar we provide when you join, adding a photo of yourself will make it much easier for your patrons to feel more closely connected to you as a creator.

If your creative business has a logo that’s easily legible, even when in a small size, use that. Or you can simply use a picture of yourself, your art, or something that speaks authentically to your Patreon page. Many creators like to use the same profile picture for Patreon and their social channels, which helps your fans recognize you right away.

🏆 Pro Tip: Since your profile photo will always be thumbnail-sized, we recommend not using a photo with text on it.

As you go through the onboarding process, you'll be instructed to add your profile photo in the settings section. You can always swap this photo out in the future by clicking "edit your page" while visiting your page, so don't worry if you don't have the perfect pic yet.