Eight Patreon Reward Ideas for Writers

Blogging? Writing the next best novel? Finishing your long-awaited short story? Whatever you’re working on, there are SO many ways to reward your patrons on Patreon! Check out our favorite Patreon reward ideas, tried and tested by writers on Patreon.

8 Reward Ideas for Writers

1. Access to early drafts

No need to nag your friends to read over your rough drafts!  You can share these directly with your patrons.  As your most loyal readers, they’re probably aching at the chance to see your work early, and maybe even offer valuable feedback.

2. Extra material not included in book

Whether they’re scrapped scenes, character studies, or simply just nonsensical scribbles that were the starting point of your story, they’re a fun and personal reward to share with your patrons.

3. Use a patron’s first and/or last name in a story

What better way to thank a reader than to memorialize them in your writing? Win the heart of your patron by naming one of your characters after them.

4. Q&As

Make a post and start a question and answer thread with your patrons!  Have them ask you anything, from questions about your creative process, your favorite time to write, to where you get your brilliant ideas.

5. Acknowledgement in finished work

Have a few super patrons? Show your unending gratitude by thanking them in your printed piece. Go for the cherry on top by sending them a signed copy hot off the press.

6. Letters from Characters

Your fans love your characters, and they’d love to hear from them! Write a letter to your patrons in the voice of one of your characters.

7. Story collaboration

Allow your most dedicated patrons to name characters in your story, decide between a few plot twists, or even determine the fate of your protagonist!

8. Sneak peeks at covers & blurbs earlier than everyone else

Are your fans chomping at the bit to read your next piece of work? Satisfy their hunger with a sneak peek at the cover art or synopsis before your official release.

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