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Say Hello to Your New Homepage!

You may have noticed when logging into your Patreon account that it looks a lot (dare I say) sexier. Well this, my friends, is your brand new homepage!

Designed to optimize your experience viewing content from the creators you pledge to, the new homepage makes it easier for you to find and filter the content from the creators you support and explore new creators based on your interests.


What’s new?

Filter by creator:Looking for a specific post from a creator you support, or just want to quickly see what one of your favorite creators is up to?  Now you can filter your feed by creator and only see posts from them!

Suggested creators: Based on the creators you currently support, you can now find a short list of suggestions for other creators you might be interested in.  Easily explore, follow and pledge to new creators directly from your homepage.

Are you a creator? Now you can see the amount pledged to you directly from your homepage instead of having to navigate over to your creator page.

What’s moved?…

Pledges: We’ve created a new pledge page where you can easily make changes to your pledges as well as view your complete pledge history.

Screenshot 2016-03-03 12.25.31

We hope you love it! Cheers to updates ?

Like it? Hate it? Have an idea for how to make it better? Feel free to share in the comments or shoot us a note at patreon.com/faq