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Sending and Receiving Messages After Launch

Hooray! Your Patreon page is launched and you are ready to start growing that membership business. Congrats!

One quick resource we want you to know about is how you can message your patrons directly from Patreon. You can do this in one of three ways: from your Patreon inbox, within your patron manager (which is awesome when sending bulk or group messages), or by clicking “message” from the “more” option on a patron’s page.

Why would you want to message patrons? It’s all about that creator-patron relationship, right? Greeting new pledges, thanking patrons when they upgrade their memberships, sending out messages to a group within your audience -- these are all valuable and meaningful connections with your audience. Every time you engage with your patrons, you have a chance to strengthen relationships and deepen your connection which, in turn, will give you loyal fans for life.

For more info, check this article out and get started with that exclusive engagement you promised your passionate patrons.