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A New Way to Share Exclusive Video on Patreon with Vimeo

Your community on Patreon loves content you create just for them. Exclusive video, audio, and images are a powerful way to keep them coming back for more. We’re always looking for ways to make this process easier and better to help you delight your patrons.

Take for example, our new Vimeo integration, available starting today! Vimeo is the world’s leading professional video platform, empowering creators and businesses to tell their stories and connect with their audiences.

Now, for creators in Pro and Premium, you have a new way to get exclusive video to your patrons that is fully secure without ever leaving your Patreon page. Connect Patreon to a Vimeo Plus account (or above) to easily and securely upload videos to Patreon that are for your patrons’ eyes only.

“The Vimeo integration is both secure and seamless - the way things should be. It offers a sleeker interface for both creators and patrons to use and opens up possibilities for using more video content on Patreon.” — Epic Rap Battles Of History.

Exclusive video for your most loyal fans

Whether your videos are funny, touching, beautiful, groundbreaking, or all of the above, posting video that’s just for your patrons has never been easier.

Create video content for your patrons that is gated and secure: Unlisted Youtube links can easily be shared, so they aren’t secure. With the Vimeo integration, you can put out unreleased, raw, and new content and know it can’t be shared or leaked elsewhere.

“Secure videos are vital. There are plenty of places to share stuff, but this integration is helpful because I can secure my videos and make something special for just my patrons. To me, it feels really important that if I'm creating work that is just for Patreon, it needs to be kept secure.” — Bevin of Fat Kid Dance Party.

You choose the audience for your video: Have a video series that would be perfect for a higher-priced tier? With the Vimeo integration, you can offer different kinds of videos and content series as benefits to different tier levels.

Save time and optimize your workflow: No more going back and forth between Patreon and other video platforms. With this integration, you upload your videos directly on Patreon, with Vimeo security permissions pre-set, and your content will automatically be published to Vimeo.

“I have included Vimeo as part of my business workflow for a few years. This integration speeds up my workflow by no longer having to go to another site to check/alter permissions and settings which I love. Saved time like this allows for more time toward the creative process!” — The Daily BA

Experiment and share your most authentic self with your patrons: Have a new idea you want to try, or material you want to develop that may not be ready to share with the whole world? Public videos are essential for discoverability, but experimentation and vulnerability are better suited for your close community. The Vimeo integration gives you the freedom to test new content ideas and to get real with your patrons in a safe place.

“The way Patreon has integrated Vimeo feels like a hosted & custom branded solution, but better. It has the extensively developed feature set of the Vimeo platform, but doesn't push your viewers down some algorithm rabbit hole. Your patrons' attention is kept solely on your content in a protected and safe space that you as the creator control.” — Sam Hurd

How can I start sharing secure videos with my patrons today?

To start using the Vimeo integration with your patrons today, subscribe to any paid plan at Vimeo. If you don’t have a paid subscription to Vimeo, sign up for their free 30-day trial for the Plus or Pro plans and try it out. Sign up now.

Head over to your creator page and upload and share a video via Vimeo today.

And, if you'd like detailed instructions on how to use this new integration, check out the support article and the Vimeo Integration overview on our App Directory.

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