Should Your Patreon Page Be Monthly or Per-Creation?

You’ve decided to join Patreon, and we couldn’t be more excited to have you! When setting up your page, you may be confused about the question in our signup flow that stumps many creators: “What are you getting paid for?” No need to worry, friend. We got you.

Monthly vs. Per Creation

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Monthly Campaigns: On a monthly campaign, your patrons are charged automatically once per month. Once those pledges are processed, they will go into your creator account.
  • Per-Creation Campaigns: In order for your patrons to get charged when you’re on a per-creation campaign, you must make a paid post with the “thing” you’re creating (see more about that here). You can make multiple paid posts per month, although some of your patrons will have a cap on how much they’ll contribute.

What do most creators do?

The results are in… drumroll, please.


Although most creators are going monthly, we recommend doing what’s best for you and your community by looking at how often you release content.

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Frequency of Posting

Thinking about how frequently you release content is the most important factor in considering if you want to be a per-month or per-creation creator. Our general advice is that if you’re producing more than 4 pieces of content a month, go monthly. If you’re pumping out more than 4 blog posts, videos, comics, or cute little creatures that you want to charge for — you should probably be a monthly creator. If you release content more sporadically, it might make sense to be per-creation. If, for example, you publish a journal or high quality video every 6 weeks using patron support, then a per-creation campaign is right for you so you won’t be charging your patrons monthly when you aren’t always releasing something.

Last month, on average, per-creation creators made 3 creation posts.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.48.34 AM

Think you’re likely to make more than 3 creations a month? Then a monthly campaign is the right choice for you.

The Breakdown per Category

You also might consider what kind of content you’re creating when you make this choice. Here’s how the categories break down in terms of the percent of creators that are monthly vs. per-creation:


So, if you’re a musician, you’re more likely to consider a per creation campaign than if you were a gamer.

I hope this little post helps makes joining Patreon even more worry-free! Questions? Still stuck? Let me know in the comments below.