Six Ways to Promote Your Patreon Special Offer to Patrons and Fans

ICYMI we recently launched a Special Offers feature to help you boost your membership business. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of inspiring and interesting approaches creators of all kinds are using to promote a Special Offer that works for their brand and business. We love seeing everyone put their own personal spin on the feature, and these are six of our favorites.

1. Create a hype.Let your patrons and fans know you have something exciting planned! Your fans and patrons love your work an are happy to learn about new and exclusive opportunities.

create hype 1

create hype 2

2. Poll your audienceDon’t know what to offer? You can generate a buzz by getting your fans involved in the process. Post a poll, email them a form, or post a question on social channels and ask them what they’d like to receive. Remember, you’re talking to your biggest fans. They will be excited about this.

poll audience 1

3. Update your cover imageTalk about low-hanging fruit! One of the easiest ways to constantly advertise your Special Offer is to promote it in your cover image. Use that prime online real estate to add some extra flair to your special offer campaign. Update the image once your special offer starts, and remember to swap it out once the Special Offer period ends.

update cover image 1

updated cover image 2

4. Announce on social mediaSpread the word! Reach your fans where they engage the most with you (Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, Facebook…) and let them know about the limited time benefit. You’re likely posting there already, so make sure to promote your special offer and renew interest in your Patreon program.

Announce social media 1

5. Let your existing patrons know about your special offerSpecial Offers are not only effective tools to acquire new patrons, but great oppportunities to motivate your existing patrons to pledge to higher tiers. Let your them know about your special offer in a dedicated, patron-only post.

6. Start a countdown on social mediaTowards the middle of your Special Offer period you may notice a bit of a slowdown. Don’t worry, this is typical, and pledging tends to pick back up, especially if you celebrate the upcoming end of your special offer with a countdown on social media. Now is the time to get the word out; it’s last call for your exciting, and exclusive opportunity. Make sure your fans and patrons know how to get in on the goodness before it’s too late.

start a countdown on social media 1

start a countdown on social media 2

start a countdown on social media 3