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Special Offer Campaigns and Challenges Keep Energy and Engagement Up

After you’ve launched on Patreon and you’re looking to promote your creative business, it can sometimes be daunting to keep your energy up.

Special Offer Campaigns

Special offer campaigns work really well, giving you the opportunity to create and promote something unique and exclusive for your patrons, which incentivizes your greater audience to join your Patreon journey.

For example, how awesome would it be to feature a list of patrons on your next album or in the credits of your upcoming video? By making a once-in-a-lifetime event (or even a few times a year) your fans will stay motivated and interested and it gives you the opportunity for new patrons to receive something unique and special.

Plus, a limited-time or special offer provides talking points, enabling you to speak naturally about your creative business endeavors and goals, which makes promotion more personal. It should feel good and easy to say “I’m super excited about this project, and I’d love for you to be a part of it. Join me on Patreon.”

These campaigns work best if they are kept within a short timeframe, like 2 or 3 weeks, with a deadline at the end. This keeps it manageable for you, and the deadline can give people that nudge they need to get off the fence and become a patron. But rather than focussing on the urgency (“I need more money now”), the opportunity should really be about the patron benefit (“now’s your chance to get your name on my album”). Keep it as natural as possible and think about something you can offer easily along with your creative work.

Are you already working on a new album, podcast, video, book, or piece of art? How can you incorporate your patrons and use the opportunity to create a special offer, for a limited time? Ask yourself what you can do now that would excite not only you, but your fanbase.


Another way to stay fresh is to challenge yourself in new and interesting ways. Yes, literally challenge yourself, by kicking off 10-day or 30-day challenges. Choose a concept and timeframe that sounds interesting to you, and then get to it.  Try promoting your Patreon page by posting on your favorite social media channel every day for 30 days. Maybe you commit to creating something new (big or small - you decide) every single day for 10 days.

We’re talking to some super successful creators about how they leverage the concept of special offers and challenges to keep their promotional process fresh, and we’re excited to bring your their ideas and insights. For now, think about how you can challenge yourself to connect with your audience while promoting your Patreon membership business.