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Super Busy Singer Finds Success with Special Offers

Meet Rebecca Loebe, Singer and Songwriter

As a singer and songwriter, Rebecca Loebe uses her Patreon platform to offer early access to her most passionate fans, sharing songs and music videos to them before anyone else. She also keeps an open dialogue going with her audience, and encourages her patrons to be a part of her creative process.

“My patrons have become a crucial part of my team. They are the first to hear and react to my new work, they are an engaged group of truth tellers and soothsayers who inspire me to do my best work and then help me figure out what to do with it. Patrons get early - and sometimes exclusive - access to the newest things I create. We have an ongoing discussion about the creative process in the comments of each post.”

Maybe It’s Too Much?

While Rebecca had been feeling great about her Patreon membership business and direct connection with her fans, she launched a campaign over the summer to try to reach her big goal of garnering 300 patrons. She was consistently marketing her Patreon page, and felt like she was pushing it pretty hard. She noticed an increase in patrons, and was feeling pretty good about her numbers as the summer was winding down. Then she learned about the Special Offer feature, and wondered what it could do for her membership business.

But the timing was terrible. She was going on tour, shooting two full-scale music videos, and recording a new album. She had just promoted Patreon all summer, and worried a new campaign would be overkill. Still, she was curious about special offer feature and didn’t want to miss a chance to make waves in her business.

“I was worried people would get sick of me, but the special offer feature seemed like such a good idea. I realized that I had to try it out; even if I didn’t hit my goal, I’d be closer than where I was if I hadn’t tried. But I definitely had to get past the initial fear and remind myself that it was okay to actively market myself and my work.”

Committing to Fit (and Pin) It In

She decided to just go for it, and created unique enamel pins for anyone who joined her “Standing Room Only” tier level, which is a $5 tier level.

🠚 Pro tip: Naming your tier levels something unique and on-brand for your business is a great way to foster community and connection among patrons.

Rebecca decided to go radio silent on her social channels about Patreon for a couple weeks before she launched her special offer, so that the message wouldn’t get lost in her regular Patreon promotion posts and announcements. Since she had been pushing her summer campaign steadily, she wanted a break and thought her audience might, too. This also gave her time to get organized for her special offer campaign, since she was planning it out in -between all her other responsibilities and commitments. On September 17th, she told everyone about her amazing “Be Nice Dammit” pins, available for a limited time, and exclusively for her Standing Room Only patrons.

She then promoted this campaign heavily, from wherever she was -- the set, the studio, the airport -- for two weeks. She followed the guidelines from the special offer feature which made it easier to manage since she, herself, didn’t have to come up with the actual plan.

“I was too busy to build this kind of strategy from scratch, but I could follow a plan. Having a promotion calendar was like having gold in hand. I surrendered control, and only put into it what I could. And it totally worked.”

What Happened Next

Indeed it did totally work; Rebecca experienced a banner month garnering 38 new patrons (up 9%) as well as an almost equal number of increased pledges from existing patrons! In in all, she enjoyed a 23% increase in earnings. She saw that a targeted and focused approach could boost her engagement among patrons, and would give more fans an incentive to join her inner circle.

Plus, she proved to herself that she could handle running a special offer campaign while managing all of the other parts of her business. If she can squeeze in emails and social posts and creating an enamel pin on top of being a badass singer, songwriter, and all-around creative business person, she knows she can have even greater success when she does it next time.

“Now I’m looking at the future and thinking about how I can leverage this strategy again when I go on tour or launch my next album. The guide was incredibly helpful, and I’m excited to see what I can achieve when I do something like this again.”

We’re excited to watch Rebecca as she continues to thrive on and off Patreon.

Want to try the new Special Offers feature and see how it can help your community (and earnings) grow? Get started now.