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Patreon is going to SXSW 2019: Join us at the House of Creativity March 11-13
Join us at the House of Creativity March 11 - 13 for collaborative programming, interactive exhibits, and exclusive performances.
Jane Kwett
Millions and Billions | Celebrating Patrons, Creators, and Major Milestones
There are now more than 3 million patrons supporting more than 100,000 creators on Patreon This year, we’ll pass 1 BILLION DOLLARS paid out…
Patreon Team
Patreon Acquires Memberful
At Patreon, we’re building a world-class membership platform that enables creators to own the relationship with their fans. We feel that…
Wyatt Jenkins
Patreon Acquires Kit
The time has come for creators to be compensated fairly for their work, and here at Patreon, we’re on a mission to make that happen. Patreon…
Wyatt Jenkins
Exciting News: We’ve Raised $60M in New Funding!
Patreon Creators, I’ve got some exciting news! Patreon has just secured an additional round of financing ($60M!), which means we will be…
Jack Conte
Membership: The Future for Creators
The web is a house. It’s a big, cold, spiritless house. And it’s the creators — the people inside the house — that turn it into a home. The…
Jack Conte