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Raise Your Bottom Tier to Provide Better Value and Bump up Your Profit

Raise your bottom tier to provide better value to patrons while also bumping up your profits.

March 25, 2019Fiona Tapp

10 Tips from Patreon Creators on Building Financial Independence

Wondering how to attain financial independence through your creative work? Read or watch the advice from two creators who have tips and guidance to help you get closer to the consistent and lasting financial stability you seek,

March 25, 2019Amanda Derrick

10 Tips on How to Go Viral with The Try Guys

Get the scoop on not only getting your audience to click and watch, but keep coming back from more from The Try Guys.

March 22, 2019Valerie Veteto

Do More By Doing Less: How To Minimize Your Workload on Patreon

Work smarter, not harder with these 8 best practices for minimizing your workload on Patreon.

February 13, 2019Jasmine Williams

Try These 6 (Data-Backed!) Experiments to Grow Your Creative Business

What kind of experiments can you run to gain and keep patrons? Check out these six ways to turn your Patreon page into a science lab.

February 06, 2019Katherine Hosmer

How to Increase Retention and Re-Engage Your Lost Patrons

Follow the crumbs and recapture your lost patrons with these strategies from our Patreon Creator Success team.

February 05, 2019Muriel Vega

7 Ways to Talk to Your Audience About Patreon

What can you share about your Patreon membership program without feeling like you're constantly asking for support, or even begging? Here are seven ideas.

January 31, 2019Zaedryn Rook

The Art of Hiring for Your Creative Business

Wearing too many hats? Give yourself more time to create by hiring the right people for the right jobs on your team.

January 29, 2019Katherine Hosmer

Make it Happen: Your Online Business Set-Up Checklist

Want to start an online business but get a little overwhelmed by all the financial and legal requirements? This 6-step guide will walk you through the whole business start-up process.

January 24, 2019Jasmine Williams

How Films for Action Reached Their Goals by Focusing on Community First

After Facebook changed its algorithm, Films for Action reached their goals with a community-supported model.

January 24, 2019Nicole Ortiz

Growth Checklist: Are You Doing These Things for Financial and Audience Growth?

Interested in growing your audience and finances? Here are a few tips you won’t want to miss out on.

January 22, 2019Nicole Ortiz

Mastering Time Management Skills to Grow Your Business

Using these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to grow your business and manage your time in a more productive way.

January 21, 2019Nicole Ortiz

Making a Creative Marketing Plan That Works

It’s tough to promote your own work as a creator! You know you’re supposed to “market” and “self-promote,” but how? Here are some simple, foundational marketing ideas for creatives.

January 10, 2019Zaedryn Rook

Six Ways to Promote Your Patreon Special Offer to Patrons and Fans

We share 6 great examples of how to promote a Special Offer on Patreon for increased fan engagement.

January 04, 2019Kate Holt

Membership 101 | The 15 Best Practices To Launch and Grow Your Patreon Program [Video!]

New to running a membership program? No problem. We've gathered the top 15 things you need to know about membership programs to help set you up for success.

December 27, 2018Kate Holt

Introducing: The Creator Mindset Map

We’ve developed a Creator Mindset Map that captures the core feelings every creator experiences. Join us as we explore the nuances of hope, fear, grit, and glory as a creative person.

December 16, 2018Kate Holt

The Creator Mindset Map — Fear

Has it started to feel like too much? Are you coming down off the high of launching something and facing the reality of needing to do it again and again? This is where fear sets in.

December 16, 2018Kate Holt

The Creator Mindset Map — Hope

The Creator Mindset Map identifies, affirms, and validates the complex feelings and emotions creators juggle when bringing each project…

December 15, 2018Kate Holt

The Creator Mindset Map — Grit

The Creator Mindset Map identifies and validates the complex emotions creators juggle when bringing each project and idea to fruition. Today's topic, Grit, recognizes fear for what it is, but is too busy for it. Grit pushes fear aside so it can keep going.

December 14, 2018Kate Holt

The Creator Mindset Map — Glory

The Creator Mindset Map identifies, affirms, and validates the complex feelings and emotions creators juggle when bringing each project…

December 14, 2018Kate Holt

New Feature Alert: Boost Your Engagement and Earnings with Special Offers

Here at Patreon, we’re committed to helping you connect with your super fans and thrive in your creative career. We’re thrilled to announce a brand new beta feature: Special Offers.

November 15, 2018Kate Holt

Special Offer Success That’s Out of This World

Astrophysicist Paul M. Sutter shares how Patreon's Special Offer feature helped his community and earnings grow.

November 14, 2018Kate Holt

Super Busy Singer Finds Success with Special Offers

Singer and songwriter Rebecca Loebe shares how she utilized Patreon's Special Offer feature to gain new patrons.

November 14, 2018Kate Holt

Artist Turns Authentic Exclusivity Into Special Offer Success

Meet Marshall Short, PrintableHeroes What started out as a hobby on Tumblr turned into a full-time job for Marshall Short, the creative…

November 14, 2018Kate Holt

How MCrider Uses Discourse to Facilitate an Active Community of 2,000+ Patrons

MCrider has more than 2,000 patrons who use his forum. Here, he shares how he uses the Patreon Discourse integration and which features he finds most useful for creators.

November 13, 2018Olivia Seitz

Rewards, Community, and Communication: How These Three Creators Use the Patreon Discord Integration

Learn how World Anvil, Kitten Academy, and Printable Heroes all use the Patreon Discord integration to foster community and dole out rewards to their supporters.

November 06, 2018Olivia Seitz

Patreon vs Kickstarter vs Indiegogo: Which Platform Is Best for You?

Patreon. Indiegogo. Kickstarter. In this article, we break down how each platform works, what tools they have to offer, and who can best succeed on each platform.

September 18, 2018Olivia Seitz

How to Make Money as a Writer with 43-time Published Author Seanan McGuire

If you’ve ever wondered how to make money as a writer, Seanan McGuire is one of the best authors to ask. After all, she’s published 43 books in addition to authoring numerous poems and short stories.

September 11, 2018Olivia Seitz

How Vue.js Creator Evan You Earns $16k/mo on Patreon

You’d be hard-pressed to find a front-end developer in the US or China who hasn’t heard of Vue.js, an open-source, progressive JavaScript…

August 21, 2018Olivia Seitz

19 Patreon Rewards for Podcasters to Offer Their Fans

Have you ever wanted to know what top podcasters do to incentivize and reward their loyal fans? This article pulls together 19 of the most lucrative rewards that podcasters can offer through a membership-based business model.

July 24, 2018Olivia Seitz

Amanda Palmer Is Home: Why the Kickstarter Queen Embraced a New Way to Fund and Create Art

Amanda Palmer is known for a lot of things (or Things , as she calls them). 56 of them, in fact. While the mainstream media is better…

July 17, 2018Olivia Seitz

5 Steps to Predictable, Monthly Income for Any Creator with an Audience

Every creator wrestles with monetization, from the ‘when’ to the ‘how.’ In this article, we introduce you to the membership model—an effective, field-tested way for independent creators like you to drive predictable revenue for your creative work.

January 31, 2018Olivia Seitz

5 Ways to Make Money as a Musician Online in 2018

How can you make money as a musician, especially if you’re not backed by a record label? Here are five ways you can make money as a musician—all from real-life answers we received from successful independent musicians just like you.

January 17, 2018Cody Slingerland

How Noon Pacific Promotes Emerging Artists to 100k Weekly Listeners

We sat down with Clark Dinnison of Noon Pacific to learn how he leveraged a community of music lovers to turn his weekly mixtape into an active group of supporters who find new artists, fund their music, and drive ever-growing view counts.

January 09, 2018Olivia Seitz

How to Make Money on YouTube (8 Examples from Successful YouTubers)

If you have a loyal subscriber base on YouTube but have struggled to earn money through advertising revenue, it may feel like you have no…

December 06, 2017Cody Slingerland

Youtuber and licensed therapist Kati Morton on how to care for your mental and emotional health as a content creator

Kati Morton  is a licensed therapist. And—with 240,000 YouTube subscribers —she’s also a prolific content creator. Kati knows the unbridled…

November 28, 2017Olivia Seitz

Why YouTubers Should Obsess Over Their Fans, Not Fancy Equipment: Lessons from Easy Allies’ Success

Brandon Jones explains why it is more important for YouTube creators to cater to their fans than to corporate sponsors.

November 15, 2017EJ Brown

How ‘The Great War’ Co-creates Its Hit YouTube Show with the Help of a 700,000+ Member Audience

The creators of "The Great War" YouTube channel share their path to success and how their fans have come to be intimately involved the show's creation.

October 09, 2017Nathan Collier

How Danny O’Dwyer is Using Membership to Run his Video Production Business

In 2016, video producer Danny O'Dwyer lead his fans to Patreon, announcing that membership would allow his videos to remain ad-free. Within hours of launching, he was one of Patreon’s highest earning creators.

August 03, 2017Christine Donaldson

1 Reward Tier: How Musician Mike Doughty is Strategizing Membership on Patreon

Mike Doughty shares his path to becoming a professional musician and insights on how he launched and grew a successful Patreon page.

July 18, 2017Christine Donaldson

9 Ways to Make Money on YouTube Without Ads

For the second time in less than a year, YouTube has made policy changes that have shaken its community of creators by directly affecting…

May 03, 2017Sean Baeyens

How Two Artists Are Saving The Ocean With A Children’s Book

Casson Trenor and Caia Koopman are creating a children’s book about ocean conservation. And with a mission to make the world a better place, they are sharing each step of the way on Patreon.

April 19, 2017Christine Donaldson

7 Tips for Staying Connected With Your Growing Fanbase

You’ve reached that proud point in your career that you’ve been striving for – your fanbase is growing. Exponentially. You’re watching your…

April 04, 2017Kati Holland

Building Community: How to Connect Your Fans to Each Other

You’ve worked your hard to build a large, engaged following of fans. Now learn how to connect your audience and create a tight-knit community.

March 30, 2017Kati Holland

How HBO’s Issa Rae Uses Her Patreon Page to Empower Creators of Color

Creator, author, and actor Issa Rae is well on her way to becoming a household name. She shares her tips for creative success.

March 09, 2017Taryn Arnold

The Importance of Building a Brand as a Creative Entrepreneur

Freelancers: it’s your time to shine, and it’s only getting brighter. According to Fast Company , over 40% of the American workforce, or 6…

February 28, 2017marc schenker

Yes, You Can Self-Publish Your Book Online. Here’s What You Need to Know

Twenty years ago, if you were an author trying to get your book published, you had to shop your manuscript around to the big publishers in…

February 03, 2017Kati Holland

How to Talk About Your Art

[ vc_row] [ vc_column] [ vc_column_text]“How do I talk about my skills without sounding like a showoff?” “What if no one cares what I have…

January 26, 2017Kati Holland

5 Fun Ways to Involve Your Fans In Your Next Project

Involving your fans in your creative process will not only build engagement and trust within your community, it will likely become one of…

January 25, 2017Ellie MacBride