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How Patreon Helps Creators Do What They Love
Here at Patreon, we are romantics at heart. Sure, flowers and chocolates are nice but what really gets our motor running is providing the…
Fiona Tapp
Patreon is going to SXSW 2019: Join us at the House of Creativity March 11-13
Join us at the House of Creativity March 11 - 13 for collaborative programming, interactive exhibits, and exclusive performances.
Jane Kwett
Try These 6 (Data-Backed!) Experiments to Grow Your Creative Business
What kind of experiments can you run to gain and keep patrons? Check out these six ways to turn your Patreon page into a science lab.
Katherine Hosmer
The Art of Hiring for Your Creative Business
Wearing too many hats? Give yourself more time to create by hiring the right people for the right jobs on your team.
Katherine Hosmer
Introducing: The Creator Mindset Map
Creativity takes courage We believe committing to a creative life is a courageous act. You gotta be brave to ignore other proven career…
Kate Holt
Patreon and Reddit team up to help you attract new patrons!
As a Patreon creator, you’re probably no stranger to engaging with your fans on a regular basis. But there’s one place in particular where…
Christine Donaldson
PatreContest: Apply Now for Free Attendance To PatreCon 2018
We're throwing a last-minute contest (a PatreContest) to give away a small number of tickets for PatreCon 2018 to creators who are eager for a chance to collaborate, learn, and grow.
Jane Kwett
How to Build an Audience on Facebook: 9 Tips That Helped 'Autistic Not Weird' Gather 82,000 Followers on Facebook in Three Years
In 2009, Chris Bonnello learned that he was on the autism spectrum. At the time, he was working as a primary school teacher and did his best…
Olivia Seitz
How Vue.js Creator Evan You Earns $16k/mo on Patreon
You’d be hard-pressed to find a front-end developer in the US or China who hasn’t heard of Vue.js, an open-source, progressive JavaScript…
Olivia Seitz
How to Monetize a YouTube Channel: 12 Tactics the Whiskey Tribe Used to Reach Nearly $20k/mo on Patreon
Nearly $20k/mo on Patreon. Over 109,000 subscribers on YouTube. Almost 10,000 Facebook group members. These are the numbers that the Whiskey…
Olivia Seitz
How to Boost your Income on Patreon with a Special Offer
We think you creators deserve a raise, and we want to help you get one. That’s why we’re here to tell you about an exciting strategy that…
Christine Donaldson
This Art Teacher Makes $2k/mo on Patreon… and It All Started on Reddit
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to build your business on Reddit? Jilted marketers and entrepreneurs speak of Reddit as a barren…
Olivia Seitz
How Lawless French Increased Income 50% by Using Patreon’s WordPress Plugin (in Just 3 Months)
Laura Lawless  loves to teach French… as long as it doesn’t involve standing in a classroom every day. Laura has been writing instructional…
Olivia Seitz
Creative Freedom: Why the ‘Great War’ Creators Are Going Independent for World War II
The Great War is a phenomenon. From July 28, 2014 — the centennial anniversary of World War I — to today, the Great War team has published…
Olivia Seitz
750+ Supporters: The Bitcoin Pub Built a Successful Business by Treating Patreon like a Product
John and Peter Saddington are engineers, educators, brothers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They’re also the founders of the Bitcoin Pub…
Olivia Seitz
How The Fantasy Footballers’ Podcast Grew Revenues To Support 4 Full-Time Creators
Andy Holloway, Mike Wright, Jason Moore, and Brooks Carmean are living the creator’s dream. They make a full time living. All year long…
Nathan Collier
How ‘The Great War’ Co-creates Its Hit YouTube Show with the Help of a 700,000+ Member Audience
“It will be a great idea to start a Youtube Channel covering just World War I!” Said no one ever. That is, up until May of 2014, when Indy…
Nathan Collier
How Illustrator Ty Carter Became a Digital Mentor on Patreon
Tyler Carter is a professional illustrator. He works in the movie industry as a visual development artist for feature animation (his film…
Christine Donaldson
How This Couple Earns $6k/Month Sharing Haunted Objects With A Tiny Fanbase
Many creators have this preconceived notion that the only way to make money with their craft is to amass a large following. However, this…
EJ Brown