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Have Your Party Here: How Rhythm Section is Expanding their Mentorship and Music Movement Online

We spoke with founder Bradley Zero Phillip to learn how the independent, multifaceted musical organization is expanding their global music movement.

June 02, 2020

Tips for Running Your Membership During an Economic Downturn

How does the economic downturn affect you as a creator? Do you need to do something different? How do you survive, or thrive, in the midst of an economic recession? CEO Jack Conte shares his answers.

May 13, 2020Jack Conte

André Allen Anjos aka RAC is Remixing Nostalgia with the Present Moment

With fans who are used to gathering digitally, and a pension for the present moment, musician and record producer RAC is releasing his latest album and building community with Patreon.

May 08, 2020Caitlin White

Watch: A Day in the Life of a Creator in Quarantine

In this video Jack Conte asks three YouTube stars to film a typical day under quarantine to get a glimpse of how they are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 07, 2020

We Asked Musicians How They’re Handling The New Normal

Now more than ever, musicians are tapping into Patreon as a resource to stay connected to fans and move forward with their careers, here’s how.

April 21, 2020Caitlin White

Tips on Live-streaming From Singer-songwriter, Megan Slankard

Looking for advice on how to set up and monetize your live-stream? San Francisco based musician, Megan Slankard, has got you covered.

April 16, 2020

Keep Cooking, Keep Connecting, and Keep the Pilot Light On with #RestaurantsRedefined

What if restaurants, chefs, and creators of culinary arts could leverage membership? Restaurateur and chef Tyler Florence is joining Patreon to redefine restaurants and build a new revenue stream.

April 09, 2020Kate Holt

Understanding the CARES Act: Relief, Resources, Laws, and Loans for Creators

Feel overwhelmed by the new CARES Act? In this post Patreon's Public Policy Manager and Director of Global Tax break down what creators need to know.

April 03, 2020Weston Dombroski and Michael Mincieli

A Letter From Patreon’s Head of Podcasts

Some word's from Patreon's Head of Podcasts on how podcasters can navigate the new normal of a wholly digital presence due to COVID-19.

March 30, 2020Janet Lee

10 Tips for Creativity During a Global Pandemic

To help boost your creative spirits during the coronavirus pandemic, we’re sharing 10 inspiring ideas from Patreon Co-Founder and CEO, Jack Conte.

March 27, 2020

How Venues and Local Businesses use Patreon to Keep Going During the Pandemic

Patreon is a place for creators, but we are also a home for places of creativity. That’s why we want to help local businesses like music venues, studios, clubs, and restaurants thrive during the coronavirus pandemic.

March 26, 2020

In This With You | Our Response to COVID-19

Patreon is here for you as your reliable foundation, to be the community you can count on, and a source of stability. We are committed to taking care of the platform that delivers your income. Here's what we're doing to help you during this tough time.

March 26, 2020

COVID-19 and the Creative Economy: Takeaways from Patreon’s Data Science Team

In short, COVID-19 brought on one of the strongest influxes of memberships that we’ve ever seen. And the message from the data is clear: membership works.

March 25, 2020Maura Church

Resources for Fans and Creators During the Pandemic

We've pulled together resources for fans looking to support creatives and artists looking for ways to garner support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

March 19, 2020Caitlin White

Let’s Support Musicians Right Now With a Weird Virtual Music Festival

We're making playlists on Spotify and YouTube to raise awareness about the devastating effect Coronavirus is having on musicians.

March 19, 2020

A Letter From Patreon’s Head of Music

Some words from Patreon's Head of Music about the devastating impact Coronavirus is having on musicians and their teams.

March 18, 2020Joe Barham

Watch our Weird Stream-a-thon with Amanda Palmer, Open Mike Eagle, and more

Didn't have a chance to watch our Weird Stream-a-thon live stream show? Watch our benefit for creators impacted by COVID-19 here.

March 17, 2020