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6 Themes We Saw at SXSW 2019
From creative performances to expert panels — from executive keynotes to podcasts tapings — SXSW 2019 offered fresh takes on entrepreneurship, entertainment, and making content that fosters a community. Here are the key themes from this year's festival.
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: Day Three at the House of Creativity
We wrapped up our SXSW residency on Rainey Street with more creator-centric panels featuring podcast and other industry experts. Plus, Jack welcomed Amanda Palmer and Ben Folds on stage to talk about how creators can engage with their communities.
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: Day Two at the House of Creativity
Day 2 of SXSW was magic: we hosted five panels and performances onsite at the #HouseOfCreativity before the sun went down, and across town, Jack brought down another house. At night, six artists took the stage for a must-see musical showcase. Read on!
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: Day One at the House of Creativity
Patreon is in Austin, Texas, for SXSW and we're recapping all the festival fun happening at our #HouseOfCreativity on Rainey Street. Day One featured The Try Guys, Hannahlyze This, and memorable music from industry icons.
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: 5 Things We Learned about Fighting Bias with Content
Curious about how cognitive bias impacts content creation? We sat in on a panel David Dylan Thomas (of Think Company) hosted at SXSW, and took notes on how our cognitive biases seep into everything we create.
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: 5 Things We Learned at So, You Think You Can Podcast?
Want to know what makes a podcast so successful? A panel of experts met in Austin, TX, and laid out the five fundamentals at a hot SXSW panel. Don't worry, we took all the notes and are sharing them with you.
Erica Hawkins
Patreon at SXSW: Steps to Launching and Growing a Membership Business
Want to launch a membership business but don't know how? Our Creator Partnerships Lead, Alexis Gay, gives you steps for success in this SXSW session.
Erica Hawkins
10 Can't-Miss SXSW Panels for Creators
With countless options to absorb all things film, music, and more - where do you start with SXSW panels? We know that scheduling the perfect panel programming agenda ain't easy, so we’ve done the work for you.
Erica Hawkins
Looking for what to do at SXSW? Join Patreon’s House of Creativity for panels and performances from groundbreaking creators.
Patreon is heading to SXSW and showcasing creator panels, live performances, and more at our House of Creativity. Get all the details in this post and we'll see you in Austin!
Valerie Veteto
Our 5 Favorite Meetups for Creators at SXSW 2019
Interested in collaborating, co-mingling, and getting to know other creators just like you while at SXSW? Check out our list of meetups for creators!
Erica Hawkins
How to Keep Creating When You Want to Quit
Creating is hard. Living a creative life, and turning it into a sustainable business, is ridiculously hard. But don’t give up quite yet.
Zaedryn Rook
Ultimate 2019 SXSW Survival Guide for Creators
Attending SXSW this March and looking for a guide on how to survive the festival? This guide is for you!
Erica Hawkins
How Patreon Helps Creators Do What They Love
How does Patreon help creators do what they love? Support, community, and freedom to grow a fanbase are just a few of the ways.
Fiona Tapp
A Creative Pep Talk: How to Kick That Impostor Feeling to The Curb
Impostor syndrome occurs to everyone, no matter how successful. We talked to our Patreon community to see how they broke the habit.
Muriel Vega
Kati Morton's Top 13 Ways to Identify and Deal with Creator Burnout
Burnout doesn’t look the same on everyone. Patreon creator Kati Morton explains what it is and how to deal.
Muriel Vega
How Films for Action Reached Their Goals by Focusing on Community First
After Facebook changed its algorithm, Films for Action reached their goals with a community-supported model.
Nicole Ortiz
Beating Creator Burnout: 5 Tips for Managing Stress
Have you ever experienced creator burnout? Here are five things you can do to manage your stress and get back on track.
Daisy Barringer
The Worst New Year Resolutions for Creative People
Make your new year resolutions more attainable with these actionable tips for creators.
Muriel Vega
4 Things That Can Help You Explain Your Creative Career to Your Parents
Explaining to parents and friends that Patreon helps you pay the bills and support your creative career can be a long journey, but it doesn’t have to be. This article can help break it down for them.
Muriel Vega
21 Highlights from #ThankYouPatrons Day 2018
A recap of our second annual Thank You Patrons Day: a very deserved day of gratitude for the people who support creators.
Taryn Arnold
Special Offer Success That’s Out of This World
Meet Paul M. Sutter , Astrophysicist Three years in, Paul M. Sutter was feeling good about his Patreon page. An astrophysicist by trade…
Kate Holt
Super Busy Singer Finds Success with Special Offers
Meet Rebecca Loebe , Singer and Songwriter As a singer and songwriter, Rebecca Loebe uses her Patreon platform to offer early access to…
Kate Holt
Artist Turns Authentic Exclusivity Into Special Offer Success
Meet Marshall Short, PrintableHeroes What started out as a hobby on Tumblr turned into a full-time job for Marshall Short, the creative…
Kate Holt
How to Make Money as a Writer with 43-time Published Author Seanan McGuire
If you’ve ever wondered how to make money as a writer, Seanan McGuire is one of the best authors to ask. After all, she’s published 4…
Olivia Seitz
How to Monetize a YouTube Channel: 12 Tactics the Whiskey Tribe Used to Reach Nearly $20k/mo on Patreon
Whiskey Tribe is known for their deep knowledge of whiskey and online shenanigans. Learn their top 12 tips and tricks for monetizing a YouTube channel.
Olivia Seitz
Taylor Ray Holbrook Is Not Your Typical Country Musician — And He Doesn’t Want To Be
An electric red suburban cuts through Colorado’s wilderness, windows down, blaring a distinct flavor of country music. In the driver’s seat…
Madison Kahn
How Peter Hollens Went From A Cappella Nerd To Internet Stardom
You might not recognize his name, but chances are, you’ve heard Peter Hollens before. No—you didn’t hear him on the radio. And he wasn’t on…
Madison Kahn
Inside the Mind of a Patron
Ever since Stefan Frandsen was a kid, he was obsessed with technology. Computers were primitive 40 years ago, when Frandsen was born, but…
Madison Kahn
How I Turned Color Magazine into a $25,000/mo Business
Ann Kullberg’s marketing coordinator details the strategies they used to gather 100+ patrons during their Patreon launch in January 2018.
Olivia Seitz
Everything I Learned Growing a YouTube Channel to 800k Subscribers & $3,200/mo in 2 years
Michael Tucker of Lessons from the Screenplay shares how he used Patreon to support the launch of his YouTube channel and transition into a full-time video essay creator.
Olivia Seitz
Professor Steve Keen Lost $75k of His Research Funding: Here's How He Got it Back
Professor Steve Keen, an anti-economist creating “realistic economics for the post-crash world,” describes how he built an impressive $6,000+ Patreon page in only one year.
Olivia Seitz
600,000 Podcast Listeners Fuel this Non-Profit: Here's How They Did It
Sol Hanna shares what it’s like to run a Patreon page for a non-profit organization. Plus, how Patreon allows the Buddhist Society of Western Australia to tap into global funding.
Olivia Seitz
Creative Freedom: Why the ‘Great War’ Creators Are Going Independent for World War II
The Great War is a phenomenon. From July 28, 2014 — the centennial anniversary of World War I — to today, the Great War team has published…
Olivia Seitz
YouTube and Patreon: How Suede Earns $3k/mo with Less Than 10k Subscribers
In 2015, William “Suede” DuFresne was underemployed and desperate for work.He’d been making reviews of anime and Pokemon on YouTube  since…
Olivia Seitz
750+ Supporters: The Bitcoin Pub Built a Successful Business by Treating Patreon like a Product
John and Peter Saddington are engineers, educators, brothers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They’re also the founders of the Bitcoin Pub…
Olivia Seitz
Meet The Musician Who Sacrificed Fame to Pursue the Support of 1,000 True Fans
As 2010 drew to a close, Nate Maingard  walked away from a psychic, shaking his head. She had told him he could make a full-time living…
Olivia Seitz
From Financial Distress to Monthly Income: Jack Lowe's Journey as an Independent Creator
Four months after he thought he'd reached his breaking point, photographer Jack Lowe found a way to product consistent monthly revenue from his fan base. Here's how he did it.
Olivia Seitz
Patreon Lens: How 5 Creators Are Giving Patrons Behind the Scenes Access to Their Work and Life
Here’s something we’ve found in our years working with creators: Our most successful creators consistently provide awesome content for their…
Olivia Seitz
The Comic Artist Who Walked Away from DreamWorks
Working for a big animation studio like DreamWorks should be a dream come true. But for Ava’s Demon  creator Michelle Czajkowski, reality…
Olivia Seitz
How to Get More YouTube Subscribers: 20 YouTubers Share Their Story
Not sure how to get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel? Over 20 successful Patreon YouTubers share their tips for growing a channel's subscriber list from zero to over 1,000.
Cody Slingerland
How Noon Pacific Promotes Emerging Artists to 100k Weekly Listeners
After building an audience of over 100,000+ weekly active listeners, Clark Dinnison has to chase away investors ready to throw cash at his…
Olivia Seitz
How to Make Money on YouTube (8 Examples from Successful YouTubers)
If you have a loyal subscriber base on YouTube but have struggled to earn money through advertising revenue, it may feel like you have no…
Cody Slingerland
Youtuber and licensed therapist Kati Morton on how to care for your mental and emotional health as a content creator
Kati Morton  is a licensed therapist. And—with 240,000 YouTube subscribers —she’s also a prolific content creator. Kati knows the unbridled…
Olivia Seitz
Why YouTubers Should Obsess Over Their Fans, Not Fancy Equipment: Lessons from Easy Allies’ Success
When Brandon Jones and his fellow video game reviewers lost their corporate sponsorship and most of their funding, he thought they’d lose…
EJ Brown
How The Fantasy Footballers’ Podcast Grew Revenues To Support 4 Full-Time Creators
Andy Holloway, Mike Wright, Jason Moore, and Brooks Carmean are living the creator’s dream. They make a full time living. All year long…
Nathan Collier
How ‘The Great War’ Co-creates Its Hit YouTube Show with the Help of a 700,000+ Member Audience
“It will be a great idea to start a Youtube Channel covering just World War I!” Said no one ever. That is, up until May of 2014, when Indy…
Nathan Collier
Over 500 hours of Game of Thrones content to last you until Season 8
Season 7 has come to a close for the popular HBO TV series Game of Thrones. Lucky for GOT die-hards, there’s an ample amount of free content…
Christine Donaldson
44 Award-Nominated Podcasts & Their Top Rated Episodes
In 2 days, the Academy of Podcasters  will be handing out awards for outstanding quality in 18 podcasting categories. Out of the 189 total…
Sean Baeyens
How Kinda Funny Built the Most Engaged Community on Patreon
In January of 2015, four video game vets quit their long-held day jobs at IGN to collectively work on a new project focused on nerdy…
Ellie MacBride
How Danny O’Dwyer is Using Membership to Run his Video Production Business
Danny O’Dwyer has been making internet videos with his friends since before YouTube was popular. It all started as a means to an end for…
Christine Donaldson