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Lessons in YAGNI¹ : Patreon's "*_hack" methods and why they're not

Patreon Engineering attempted to build for the future by creating DB schema and code that supported features that didn't exist yet...

September 01, 2019Evan Moses

Please, Please Don’t A/B Test That

Trying to decide if an A/B test is right for your project? This handy A/B testing checklist will guide you.

October 02, 2018Tal Raviv

Five Ways Patreon Supports Engineers Of All Backgrounds

At Patreon, we strive to create an equitable workplace for people of all backgrounds. This forces us to challenge the norms and systems that…

November 27, 2017Adam Bossy-Mendoza

An Open Letter to Boring Avatars Everywhere — Meet Foxes

You’ve probably seen it on many websites: a square grey box containing a shadowy silhouette. Default avatars can create a sense of…

December 21, 2016Jeffrey Sun

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