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Growing Your Membership Business

Make Your Music, Make Your Money: How to Make a Living as an Independent Artist

Looking for a way to fly solo while also building a career in music? Here are some expert tips on how to make it as an independent musician.

May 08, 2019Jasmine Williams

Selling is Loving: 12 Heart-Driven Steps to Gain New Patrons

Author Ksenia Anske shares how selling with love has helped her gain new patrons.

April 29, 2019Muriel Vega

How to Not Waste Your Money on Facebook or Instagram Ads

We talked to Patreon creator and marketing expert Suzanne Yada about how to successfully use social media ads. Read our tips from the workshop and watch the full video.

April 22, 2019Leanna Johnson

Creator Gloria Calderon Kellett Talks About The Benefits of Membership

What’s so great about Patreon? TV show creator and writer Gloria Calderón Kellett shares how she and artist husband Dave can support a flexible lifestyle, family, and fellow artists.

April 18, 2019Leanna Johnson

The Top 10 Rewards Patreon Musicians Offer Their Fans

Fun and unique rewards that can help creators engage with and connect to their loyal fanbase.

April 15, 2019Nicole Ortiz

How to Start a Mastermind Group with Other Creators

Mastermind groups aren’t just for businesses — creatives can use the support, camaraderie, and brainstorming, too.

April 09, 2019Zaedryn Rook

Patreon Vs. Memberful: How to Decide

Patreon and Memberful both help creators do what they love. But, which solution is right for you?

April 08, 2019Daisy Barringer

Raise Your Bottom Tier to Provide Better Value and Bump up Your Profit

Raise your bottom tier to provide better value to patrons while also bumping up your profits.

March 25, 2019Fiona Tapp

10 Tips from Patreon Creators on Building Financial Independence

Wondering how to attain financial independence through your creative work? Read or watch the advice from two creators who have tips and guidance to help you get closer to the consistent and lasting financial stability you seek,

March 25, 2019Amanda Derrick

10 Tips on How to Go Viral with The Try Guys

Get the scoop on not only getting your audience to click and watch, but keep coming back from more from The Try Guys.

March 22, 2019Valerie Veteto

Do More By Doing Less: How To Minimize Your Workload on Patreon

Work smarter, not harder with these 8 best practices for minimizing your workload on Patreon.

February 13, 2019Jasmine Williams

Three Tips for Creating an Engaged Community

Ready to take your world to the next level? Here’s how to build your community with excitement and meaning.

February 08, 2019Amanda Derrick

How to Increase Retention and Re-Engage Your Lost Patrons

Follow the crumbs and recapture your lost patrons with these strategies from our Patreon Creator Success team.

February 05, 2019Muriel Vega

7 Ways to Talk to Your Audience About Patreon

What can you share about your Patreon membership program without feeling like you're constantly asking for support, or even begging? Here are seven ideas.

January 31, 2019Zaedryn Rook

How to Use Special Offers to Boost Your Launch on Patreon

Special offers are an effective way to gain more traction for your Patreon page launch. Not sure where to start? We have you covered.

January 30, 2019Ursula Shekufendeh

Make it Happen: Your Online Business Set-Up Checklist

Want to start an online business but get a little overwhelmed by all the financial and legal requirements? This 6-step guide will walk you through the whole business start-up process.

January 24, 2019Jasmine Williams

Growth Checklist: Are You Doing These Things for Financial and Audience Growth?

Interested in growing your audience and finances? Here are a few tips you won’t want to miss out on.

January 22, 2019Nicole Ortiz

Mastering Time Management Skills to Grow Your Business

Using these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to grow your business and manage your time in a more productive way.

January 21, 2019Nicole Ortiz

You’re Worth It: Attach Value to Your Work Sooner Rather Than Later

A vital step in your creative career is asking for your fans to support your work. You deserve it! Here are a few creators who did it successfully.

January 16, 2019Muriel Vega

Build a Better Creative Business Plan

Yes, even creatives need business plans. And while that may sound like a daunting task, we're here to help.

January 08, 2019Kate Holt

Kate Stark on How to Make a Living as a Full-Time Twitch Streamer

Learn how Kate Stark makes a living as a full-time Twitch Streamer by diversifying her revenue streams and engaging her patrons with creative rewards.

December 11, 2018Olivia Seitz

17 Rewards for Community Leaders to Offer Their Members on Patreon

Are you a community leader looking for ways to engage your followers? This article compiles some of the most popular rewards for community leaders to offer on Patreon.

December 04, 2018Olivia Seitz

21 Patreon Rewards for Independent Journalists to Offer Their Followers

Are you an independent journalist looking for reward ideas to offer your followers? This article compiles some of the most popular rewards for journalists to offer on Patreon.

November 20, 2018Olivia Seitz

New Feature Alert: Boost Your Engagement and Earnings with Special Offers

Here at Patreon, we’re committed to helping you connect with your super fans and thrive in your creative career. We’re thrilled to announce a brand new beta feature: Special Offers.

November 15, 2018Kate Holt

How MCrider Uses Discourse to Facilitate an Active Community of 2,000+ Patrons

MCrider has more than 2,000 patrons who use his forum. Here, he shares how he uses the Patreon Discourse integration and which features he finds most useful for creators.

November 13, 2018Olivia Seitz

Rewards, Community, and Communication: How These Three Creators Use the Patreon Discord Integration

Learn how World Anvil, Kitten Academy, and Printable Heroes all use the Patreon Discord integration to foster community and dole out rewards to their supporters.

November 06, 2018Olivia Seitz

What Creators Did to Get More Patrons (and More $$) in 3 Months

How to get more patrons on Patreon? We interviewed creators who made it happen. Here are their top tips for breaking free from a financial plateau.

October 15, 2018Patreon U Team

Understanding and Using your Patreon Analytics Dashboard to Increase Performance

Your Patreon dashboard contains a plethora of data and insights -- it’s your one-stop shop for all analytics related to your page, posts…

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Send Private Messages to your Patrons and Get to Know Your Biggest Fans

Want to send private messages directly to your Patreon patrons? We have you covered.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Polling Your Patrons

When you go to create a new post on your Patreon page, you’ll see an option to create a poll. You can choose to make your poll public or for patrons only.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Building Your Fanbase

Not sure how to get started with building your fanbase on Patreon? Finding a mentor and utilizing social media can help.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Patron relationship manager

The Patron Relationship Manager is the best way to explore and develop relationships with your patrons. Similar to a CRM, the Patron Relationship Manager provides you with valuable information about your patrons at every point in their journey.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Use Livestreaming to Engage and Delight Your Patrons

Livestreaming is a great way to connect with your Patreon audience in a real-time and personal way. Our tips on getting started with Crowdcast.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Using Analytics to Track and Improve Your Page

We know there’s a ton of data over on your Patreon dashboard. It can be intimidating, but setting data-backed goals will bring you more…

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Use the Early Access Feature to Reward Select Patrons

When we surveyed creators about the feature they want most on Patreon, a whopping 37% chose Early Access. While some creators have managed…

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Special Offer Campaigns and Challenges Keep Energy and Engagement Up

Create special offer and challenge campaigns for your Patreon audience to promote your creative business. We have tips to help you get started.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Shipping Physical Benefits and Limiting Quantity

Physical items are some of the best benefits you can offer your patrons. Here we share some tips for managing fulfillment and shipping for your creative business.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Reward and Connect with Your Patrons with Patreon’s Native Posting Feature

Whether you want to share your content with anyone who visits your page or only your biggest fans, you have control over who has access to your posts on Patreon.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Integrating with Discord

Patreon’s integration with Discord makes it possible for you to reward your patrons with special roles in your Discord server. This post explains how to integrate your Patreon page with Discord.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Promotion Tips

Looking for promotion ideas? Here are 5 great ways to share and promote your creative projects and get the word out about your work!

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Getting Started with Patreon’s Platform Integrations

Have a look at Patreon's App Directory for integrations that make it easy to run your membership program on Patreon and across the web.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Use Featured Tags to Highlight Special Work

Showcase your best work using feature tags on both the Overview and Post tab of your Patreon creator page.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Promoting Yourself on Social Media

Social media is a very important promotional tool for creatives. Did you know that 40% of Patreon's traffic comes from social media?

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Use Patreon Lens to Connect with Your Patrons

Patreon Lens is a content sharing feature in the Patreon mobile app and web experience that serves as the easiest way to give your patrons exclusive, behind-the-scenes content.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

How to Get Featured on Patreon

Here’s hard truth #1: There isn’t a simple way to get featured right now. No amount of emailing or tweeting at us will put you in line for a…

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Custom RSS feeds for Podcasters

Want to host a patron-only podcast on your Patreon page? You can! We have an option for patron-only RSS feeds.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Develop Relationships with the Community Tab

Have you noticed your Patreon page has three main tabs? When people land on your page, they can click on Overview, Posts, and Community tabs…

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Patron Manager

The ins and outs of managing audience payments in Patreon Manager.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

How Patron Exit Surveys Can Help You Grow

Though it is sad to see a patron go, utilizing exit survey data will provide valuable information to help you get to know your audience better.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Sending and Receiving Messages After Launch

Quick tips for messaging your patrons directly via the Patreon platform.

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team