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How We Work

Patreon’s Trust and Safety Initiatives
Our mission at Patreon is simple: we want to fund the creative class. We eat, sleep, and breathe that mission every day. We want to get as…
Jacqueline Hart
Please, Please Don’t A/B Test That
I confess: I actively discourage teammates from running experiments. Huh? Don’t you do growth product? Aren’t experiments, like, your shtick…
Tal Raviv
A Note on Payments
When it comes to payments, some of you have experienced some turbulence, and I want to share with you what’s been happening and why. Let’s…
Tyler Palmer
Diversity and Inclusion at Patreon (2018)
At Patreon, we’re passionate about changing the way art is funded across the web in order to help artists and creators harness their…
Lucia Guillory
Membership: The Future for Creators
The web is a house. It’s a big, cold, spiritless house. And it’s the creators — the people inside the house — that turn it into a home. The…
Jack Conte
How to Build Culture That Lasts
My name is Tyler Palmer and I have the privilege and wild luck of being Patreon’s first employee. Fast forward 3 years: I have the honor of…
Tyler Palmer