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Launching Your Page

How to Use Special Offers to Boost Your Launch on Patreon
Special offers are an effective way to gain more traction for your Patreon page launch. Not sure where to start? We have you covered.
Ursula Shekufendeh
Kate Stark on How to Make a Living as a Full-Time Twitch Streamer
Learn how Kate Stark makes a living as a full-time Twitch Streamer by diversifying her revenue streams and engaging her patrons with creative rewards.
Olivia Seitz
Rewards, Community, and Communication: How These Three Creators Use the Patreon Discord Integration
Learn how World Anvil, Kitten Academy, and Printable Heroes all use the Patreon Discord integration to foster community and dole out rewards to their supporters.
Olivia Seitz
Launch Day Checklist
Hooray for Launch Day! Here are 12 ways to make your Patreon launch successful. From messaging, to social media, and more.
Patreon U Team
Getting Fans Excited Before You Launch
So you're launching a Patreon page! Build momentum and improve your page early on by getting fans excited before you launch.
Patreon U Team
Sending and Receiving Messages After Launch
Quick tips for messaging your patrons directly via the Patreon platform.
Patreon U Team
Making Your First Post
After you click “launch” and before your big promotional launch, it’s a good idea to add a few posts to your page so that potential patrons can get an idea of what to expect from you when they become your patron.
Patreon U Team
What Happens When You Launch on Patreon?
Congratulations on launching your Patreon page! After you’ve hit the launch button, you’re probably wondering what’s next? Launching your…
Patreon U Team