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20 Tips on Getting Organized from Creators

Being organized doesn’t have to stunt your creativity, in fact, it can be a huge help! Here’s are 20 tips from creators to help you get organized.

September 17, 2019Amanda Derrick

20 Work and Life Balance Quotes from Successful Creators

We’ve tapped 20 creators to find out their best tips (and some things not to do) to help you find the perfect work and life balance!

September 12, 2019Amanda Derrick

How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Creator

How do you balance your creative work with all the other aspects of your life? Our creative community gave us a little insight into how they manage their time.

September 11, 2019Erica Campbell

How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Part-Time Creator

How do you balance your creative work with all the other aspects of your life, including a 9-5? Our creative community gave us a little insight into how they manage their time.

September 11, 2019Jasmine Williams

How to Find a Work-Life Balance as a Full-Time Creator

Wondering how to live a full life while also working full-time as a creator? We’ve checked in with three different Patreon creators to hear how they make it work.

September 11, 2019Katherine Hosmer

How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Side Hustle Creator

Is your creative work your side hustle? If so, learn how to find balance, make a schedule, and build a creative life that works for you.

September 10, 2019Zaedryn Rook

First of the Month Drop Off: Here's What to Do if You Lost Patrons on Payday

Did you lose patrons this payday and you can't figure out why? Read on for tips from creators on how to deal with payday drop off.

August 26, 2019Matt St. John

Reward and Connect with Your Patrons with Patreon’s Posting Feature

Whether you want to share your content with anyone who visits your page or only your biggest fans, you have control over who has access to your posts on Patreon.

August 01, 2019Patreon U Team

Welcome to Patreon U

At Patreon U, you’ll learn all the necessary steps on the path to earning a sustainable income on Patreon.

July 15, 2019Patreon U Team

What to offer with your Special Offer

Want to launch a Special Offer but not sure what to offer? Read on to see what other creators are offering their patrons.

July 12, 2019Matt St. John

How to Use Special Offers to Boost Your Launch on Patreon

Special offers are an effective way to gain more traction for your Patreon page launch. Not sure where to start? We have you covered.

July 10, 2019Ursula Shekufendeh

How to best answer the question, is my creator page successful?

Success on Patreon means something different for everyone. To gain clarity on what success on Patreon means to you, and tips on how to reach that personal benchmark, read on.

May 31, 2019Matt St. John

What Creators Did to Get More Patrons (and More $$) in 3 Months

How to get more patrons on Patreon? We interviewed creators who made it happen. Here are their top tips for breaking free from a financial plateau.

October 15, 2018Patreon U Team

How To Measure Success as a Creative Business Person

There are many ways to track and measure success as a creator. We outline some valuable metrics, both financial and otherwise.

October 10, 2018Patreon U Team

Use the Early Access Feature to Reward Select Patrons

When we surveyed creators about the feature they want most on Patreon, a whopping 37% chose Early Access. Our new Early Access feature makes it easier than ever for you to reward your patrons with no extra content.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

How to Get Featured on Patreon

There isn’t a simple way to get featured on Patreon right now. The reason: Patreon isn't a discovery platform.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Patron Manager

The ins and outs of managing audience payments in Patreon Manager.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Develop Relationships with the Community Tab

Have you noticed your Patreon page has three main tabs? When people land on your page, they can click on Overview, Posts, and Community tabs…

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Custom RSS feeds for Podcasters

Want to host a patron-only podcast on your Patreon page? You can! We have an option for patron-only RSS feeds.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

How Patron Exit Surveys Can Help You Grow

Though it is sad to see a patron go, utilizing exit survey data will provide valuable information to help you get to know your audience better.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Using Analytics to Track and Improve Your Page

We know there’s a ton of data over on your Patreon dashboard. It can be intimidating, but setting data-backed goals will bring you more…

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Integrating with Discord

Patreon’s integration with Discord makes it possible for you to reward your patrons with special roles in your Discord server. This post explains how to integrate your Patreon page with Discord.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Getting Started with Patreon’s Platform Integrations

Have a look at Patreon's App Directory for integrations that make it easy to run your membership program on Patreon and across the web.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Promotion Tips

Looking for promotion ideas? Here are 5 great ways to share and promote your creative projects and get the word out about your work!

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Shipping Physical Benefits and Limiting Quantity

Physical items are some of the best benefits you can offer your patrons. Here we share some tips for managing fulfillment and shipping for your creative business.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Special Offer Campaigns and Challenges Keep Energy and Engagement Up

Create special offer and challenge campaigns for your Patreon audience to promote your creative business. We have tips to help you get started.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Promoting Yourself on Social Media

Social media is a very important promotional tool for creatives. Did you know that 40% of Patreon's traffic comes from social media?

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Use Patreon Lens to Connect with Your Patrons

Patreon Lens is a content sharing feature in the Patreon mobile app and web experience that serves as the easiest way to give your patrons exclusive, behind-the-scenes content.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Use Featured Tags to Highlight Special Work

Showcase your best work using feature tags on both the Overview and Post tab of your Patreon creator page.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Understanding and Using your Patreon Analytics Dashboard to Increase Performance

Your Patreon dashboard contains a plethora of data and insights -- it’s your one-stop shop for all analytics related to your page, posts…

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Building Your Fanbase

Not sure how to get started with building your fanbase on Patreon? Finding a mentor and utilizing social media can help.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Polling Your Patrons

When you go to create a new post on your Patreon page, you’ll see an option to create a poll. You can choose to make your poll public or for patrons only.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Send Private Messages to your Patrons and Get to Know Your Biggest Fans

Want to send private messages directly to your Patreon patrons? We have you covered.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Patron relationship manager

The Patron Relationship Manager is the best way to explore and develop relationships with your patrons. Similar to a CRM, the Patron Relationship Manager provides you with valuable information about your patrons at every point in their journey.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Use Livestreaming to Engage and Delight Your Patrons

Livestreaming is a great way to connect with your Patreon audience in a real-time and personal way. Our tips on getting started with Crowdcast.

August 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Making Your First Post

After you click “launch” and before your big promotional launch, it’s a good idea to add a few posts to your page so that potential patrons can get an idea of what to expect from you when they become your patron.

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

What Happens When You Launch on Patreon?

After you’ve hit the launch button on your Patreon page, you’re probably wondering what’s next. Launching your Patreon page means it’s now viewable to the public, so you can start getting the word out about your page and making money!

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Profile Picture Best Practices

Everything you need to know about our Patreon creator profile photo tips and best practices.

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Online Courses, Services and Tools for Creators

The Patreon team is always thinking of ways to help you grow your creative business. Check out our Partner Services Directory to learn how you can do more with Patreon.

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Patreon Logos and Marketing Assets for Creators to Use

To help you with integrating Patreon into your marketing efforts, we’ve gathered an assortment of logos and marketing materials that are free for you to use.

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Making an Intro Video that Converts

Your Patreon intro video is a very important part of your page! Video is one of the highest ways to convert viewers into buyers, and including video in a landing page can increase conversion by up to 80%.

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Designing a Cover Photo for Your Page

Along with a profile photo, you can also add a cover photo/banner image to the top of your creator page. If you use sites like Facebook and Twitter, then you may already have a cover photo that’ll work great for your Patreon page.

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Groups for Creators to Join - Coming Soon!

We know awesome people and you are awesome people. We want to introduce all of you, because you have awesome stories and amazing insights to…

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Getting Fans Excited Before You Launch

So you're launching a Patreon page! Build momentum and improve your page early on by getting fans excited before you launch.

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

What is a Thank You Page and Why Does it Matter?

Once a fan becomes your patron, they’ll be redirected to your Thank You Page, a super customizable page that allows you to shower your new patron with a little love. This is a great opportunity to welcome your new patron to your community!

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Events for Creators

We love getting creators together. Heck, we love getting together with creators. This year alone we’ve hosted great events such as Patreon…

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Launch Day Checklist

Hooray for Launch Day! Here are 12 ways to make your Patreon launch successful. From messaging, to social media, and more.

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Taxes Overview

Taxes are no joke, whether or not you are a creator. Here are our tips for getting through tax day. Bottom line: Pay your taxes!

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Talking About Patreon

As a creator on Patreon, you will often be asked to explain what Patreon is to your community of fans, potential patrons, and the occasional…

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

Figuring Out How Much You Might Make on Patreon

Trying to figure out what your Patreon earnings will be? You've come to the right place. Here are some formulas to help you figure it all out.

June 01, 2018Patreon U Team

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