Team Offsite Ideas Perfect for Creators

Offsites are incredibly helpful for building team spirit, boosting morale, getting all employees on the same page, finding growth for your business, alleviating stress, and strengthening relationships across your company. And not only that—they’re usually pretty fun!

Depending on the size of your organization, you may schedule offsites at a different rate (quarterly, monthly, annually, etc.). And don’t think that just because you’re the only person on your team you can’t do a solo offsite.

Here are a few ideas for potential offsites you can embark on with your team (or on your own) to help get your creative juices flowing while you motivate and connect with your team.

Cooking Classes

For those creators who are creative in the kitchen (like one of our favorite channels, Binging with Babish) hosting a cook-off is a great way to inspire your team and can even inspire your future work. Whether you’re trying to experiment with new recipes and need some taste-testers or want to play a game where each team can only use one common ingredient, you’re sure to have fun and learn more about one another as well as come up with some ideas that you can use for future videos.


If your team resembles the one behind one of our favorite music video creators Julia Nunes, For singers and band members, heading out to do karaoke in front of a bunch of strangers where there isn’t any pressure and they might not know your talents can be both thrilling and somewhat of a relief. Even for those who aren’t singers professionally, a karaoke night can help people come out of their shells. Likely, these sorts of offsites are best for extroverted teams, otherwise, you might find yourself in a situation where the introverts are sitting off to the side and the extroverts are hamming it up on the stage.

Improv Workshops

If your creation style is off the cuff laugh until you cry podcasting (like the dynamic hilarious team behind Comedy Trap House) what could be better than having a laugh-fest with your team or even just on your own by attending an improv class or comedy workshop? As all know, laughter is the best medicine to help through any stresses and will also bring you closer to whoever you happen to be on the offsite with. You and your team will come away with fun memories and inside jokes and lasting memories you can bring back to the office.

Outdoor Adventuring

Are you a creator like Beleaf in Fatherhood whose team includes members of your creative family? Taking your team outdoors can be fun for all ages. Perhaps going on a hike, go-karting, laser tag—maybe an adults versus kids game?—will not only allow you to reconnect but give you plenty of new topics and antidotes to share on your videos or podcasts.

Icebreaker Games

Are you and your team comfortable speaking your mind like mental health expert Kati Morton or activist Kat Blaque? Games like charades and Two Truths and a Lie allow you to have fun while still getting to know your teammates. Activists like Kat Blaque, Amanda Palmer, and Kati Morton, who are all outspoken about their lives and the various causes that they advocate for, can likely share and learn a lot through a game where there’s lots of opportunities to learn about your team and ample time to chat.

At its core, an offsite is not only your opportunity for a change of scenery but a focused opportunity to connect with your team in a creative way. And remember, taking a break from your typical routine is necessary, whether you decide to ignite a laugh-fest with your team or take the stage for solo karaoke.