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A Thank You From Patreon Creators and Staff

Earlier this month, a few of us at Patreon asked creators to submit a short video of them sharing a bit of gratitude for their patrons.  We received some incredible submissions from all over the world and were so blown away by the love that creators expressed for their community of supporters.

THANK YOU to all the amazing Patreon creators who helped make this video possible!  And of course, unending thanks to the incredible community of patrons whose support allow these creators to make a living doing what they love.

If you aren’t yet a patron to a creator on Patreon, I might suggest checking out the inspiring creators from the video, whose Patreon creator pages you’ll find below.

Creators featured in video:

Peter Hollens
Creating music videos

Sow Ay
Creating comics, art, videos

Creating a website dedicated to RPGs

Nate Maingard
reating music, nomadic adventures, house concerts and love

Theory Animation
Creating the best animation on the internet

Music by:

Dillon Petrillo
Creating music, photography, films, illustrations, animations and havoc