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21 Highlights from #ThankYouPatrons Day 2018

And just like that, we have a new favorite holiday.

This past Monday, we celebrated our second ever #ThankYouPatrons day — a very deserved day of gratitude for patrons, the people that make it all possible. Leading up to our November 19th surprise launch, we reached out to creators and asked them to prepare a special something for their patrons, and damn, did they show up.

Within hours of launch, #ThankYouPatrons was trending across the United States and earned over 10,000 tweets filled with all the warm fuzzies. It was truly incredible to see creators around the world come together on the internet to show their patrons how their involvement matters, and what they’ve been able to accomplish with their patrons on their side.

While every tweet, post, and story was deeply moving, we wanted to highlight a few of the many awesome ways creators celebrated their patrons this #ThankYouPatrons day. For creators, we hope this list makes you hopeful, that there are millions of incredible humans who are changing the way that art is funded. For patrons, we hope it makes you feel really proud to be a patron. You make the world a better place. Thanks for being a patron — we’d be nothing without you.

Without further ado, we give you 21 highlights from #ThankYouPatrons Day 2018

From the Patreon team (we'll get our goofy video out of the way):

Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/Patreon/status/1064582324098985984Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/Cobbster15/status/1064585567021592577Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/elibosnick/status/1064680529868533761Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/vress_shark/status/1064422869726257152Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/ManyATrueNerd/status/1064528123352571914Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/SiscoPolaris/status/1064628117539569665Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/wheezywaiter/status/1064528190650109954Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/ConnorShawVA/status/1064628744663511041Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/jeff_gluck/status/1064528367666511872Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/Octav1usKitten/status/1064554552765177859Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/NatasaIlincic/status/1064930760963039232Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/catvalente/status/1064519891632431106Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/kinagrannis/status/1064568278075371532Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/Hi_Cial/status/1064573828674871296Embedded Content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqXYDSqAwW-/Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/UpIsNotJump/status/1064563168444329985Embedded Content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqW3zYRB8ke/Embedded Content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqXVvULBZSp/Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/AliceOseman/status/1064599964591030274Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/sleepiestdesign/status/1064491708912685056Embedded Content: https://twitter.com/laurenfairwx/status/1064662604189179904

To see more, search the hashtag on any social platform and you'll see a very heartwarming explosion of gratitude. Thanks again to all creators who contributed, and patrons who existed.

Until next year!