The Art of Getting Fans

Ah, the age old question. Very few people in the music industry understand the secret sauce to finding your audience and growing your fans; we can’t even count on labels to get it right. Your work is awesome and we want to help grow your fanbase, so last month, we collected a group of experienced creators who know the ins and outs of fan-finding. Join Jack Conte, Shannon Koehler, Peter Hollens, Jake Coco, and Sean Hayes as they discuss the reality of one of the hardest things you will have to do in your career: find your committed fan base.

Think of this panel as a mini-course in getting fans. It’s chock-full of compelling thoughts, disagreements and insights. The difference and convergence between the old and new ways of finding and cultivating a community made for a stellar chat between some of the most established names in music.

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Jack Conte, Patreon’s CEO and this panels moderator, summed up the key takeaways.

  1. Respond to every single person on every single social media site, every day.
  2. Speak to your fan-base in a video.
  3. Get on phone, text every friend you have, call everyone you know, bring them a pie.
  4. Say yes to as many things as you can.
  5. Go outside after shows and talk with your fans.
  6. Make the next thing, don’t focus too much on the thing you put out and want to be big.
  7. START. DON’T STOP.  (Fail, then keep going anyway.)
  8. Do something else, unless you just have to do art.

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