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The Top 6 Trending Categories on Patreon

You might be thinking that Patreon is for musicians and comic artists (it is!), but it’s also for so much more. While artists use Patreon to fund all sorts of diverse projects, you might be surprised to know that these are the fastest growing categories on Patreon today.

Do you ever check out featured campaigns and wonder how fast categories of creators are growing? If yes, then not only do I welcome you into my circle of nerdy data friends, but also this blog post is for you. I took a look at how quickly different categories of creators grew in the past month, by seeing how many more creators joined that category and successfully got paid on Patreon. Within those categories, I looked at the top 3 creators whose campaigns grew the most in terms of percent change in dollar amount processed. Read on to learn about what I found and give a little love to some of the fastest growing campaigns on Patreon this month!


Drawing & Painting – 21% growth

Creators in the Drawing & Painting categories are some of the most populous on Patreon — only Video & Film is larger by number of creators. This month, Tsvetka, Krisgoat, and Mark Folks had the fastest growing campaigns, earning $1,191 more in total from their patrons.


Photos – 19% growth

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it can also be worth a thousand dollars. Creators in this category are producing some seriously stunning art, and we’re glad the world gets to see their work. Yelaina May, Tuomas Siitonen, and Kait Moon grew the most this month, earning $526 more in total from their patrons.


Education – 19% growth

Education creators make some pretty cool stuff — from physics videos to explanations of the Lord of the Rings mythology. These creators are spreading their knowledge to patrons and fans all over the world. Check out Free Columbia, ElectroBOOM, and Lee Wanner, who grew like bananas this past month, earning $1,081 more in total from their patrons.


Comics – 19% growth

Comics is one of those categories that’s near and dear to my heart (we all have our favorites, right?). Comics has always been in the top 5 largest categories on Patreon, and this category has seen consistent strong growth since Patreon launched. Check out Ngozi, OFF-WHITE, and The Crayon Queen, who grew the most this month earning $1,985 more in total from their patrons.


Science – 19% growth

Science creators are one of the smaller groups of creators on Patreon by the numbers, but they’ve recently seen some strong growth. Take a 10 minute scroll through some science pages and you’ll surely find some mind-blowing things. In January, Doug’s Lab, Nile Red, and Rawrist had the fastest growing campaigns, earning $958 more in total from their patrons.


Crafts & DIY – 18% growth

Crafts & DIY is a category that people are often surprised to find on Patreon, and yet, as you’re about to see, creators in this category are doing some serious trending! Hats off to Rob Baer, Meladora’s Creations, and The Terrain Tutor, who had the fastest growing campaigns last month, bringing in $2,767 more total from their patrons.

Of course, Patreon isn’t a growth competition — it’s a community. We recently showed some love to campaigns that seem to defy categories (which we love). Check out that blog post here.

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