Top Vacation Spots for Creators

Vacationing somewhere new has been shown to increase energy, creativity, and give you new perspectives on mundane problems. It makes sense as travel challenges your comfort zone, teaches you about cultures, and exposes you to new people and traditions.

It’s no surprise Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, and so many other great creators constantly traveled around the world, from South America to Europe. But, even if you don’t have time to leave the country, you can find the same inspiration just states away.

So where to start? Decide what kind of trip you want first — do you want a solo retreat where you get lost in a city with tons of people watching? Or perhaps an outdoor adventure to truly disconnect and become one with nature? Or a group retreat with other fellow creators in the space as you?

Once you’ve narrowed down what type of trip you want, let your wanderlust run wild. To help with the search, we’ve narrowed down the top seven vacation spots for creators (with a little help from our community!).

Paris, France

Croissants, aperol spritzes, and people watching from cafes — sign us up. The city of lights is the perfect spot for a solo adventure or a short trip with a friend or significant other. Get lost in the hidden alleyways, have a picnic in the cities many parks, and soak up the art within its many museums. Don’t forget to relax on the terrace of your rented apartment or in the park near the Eiffel Tower.

Take a cooking class or a 3-hour watercolor painting class to meet new people, learn more about the city, and find a new perspective on things. With an array of cheap flights from the U.S. throughout the year, Paris can be an affordable getaway that gets your creative juices flowing.

Marfa, Texas

The Texan arts hub offers a desert landscape, open spaces and skies full of stars — perfect to wind down. The small town is only a three-hour drive outside of El Paso and it offers all the opportunities to unplug. Cell signal is almost non-existent and the town mostly remains empty. If you want to relax by staying at your hotel or airstream at El Cosmico there won’t be any FOMO.If you’re interested in music, local festivals and venues have opportunities to listen to emerging bands in an unusual environment. Ballroom Marfa, Artist Donald Judd’s compound, Chinati Foundation, and Rule Gallery will inspire you to think outside the box with its sculptures and art.

Berlin, Germany

Street art tours, rich history, and techno music — Berlin has been named one of the coolest cities in the world multiple times over. If you want to take a working vacation, Berlin is the perfect destination as the city boasts some of the best co-working spaces plus a growing remote, freelancer culture.

Once you close your laptop for the day and deliver your tier rewards, visit one of the many museums, art galleries, and of course, the Fernsehturm, the city’s most visible landmark. At night, take on the club scene (if that’s your thing) or meet other fellow creatives at local bars, like Madame Claude.

Portland, Oregon

Writers, if you’re looking for a quiet place for a writer’s retreat, look no further. PDX Writers is one of the many writer’s groups in the area that offer one-day and weekend retreats to hone in your ideas and put some words on the page.

If you’d rather stay in Portland, you won’t be disappointed. Portland boasts over 70 micro-breweries, emerging artists and musicians, and an identity that has earned its hipster branding. Get lost in Powell Books and the city’s many parks onboard a rental bike. Or leave the city for some misty hiking to see the Witch’s Castle.

Maui, Hawaii

Sometimes you just need a beach vacation. Many of our Patreon creators chose Hawaii as the place they go to unwind and recharge for a little while. It’s not hard to see why — from the delicious food to the incredible sunsets and sandy beaches. Hike to the top of Haleakalā National Park to see the incredible views, waterfalls, and many species of endangered birds.Get on island time and take it easy or take a workshop with a glassblower. Sunbathe at Wailea Beach or go snorkeling around the Molokini volcanic crater. The ease of it all and vibrant colors will help you reassess things and hopefully come back with some cool ideas for your patrons.

Tokyo, Japan

Whether you’re into fashion, anime, art, history, or food, Tokyo has a little bit for everyone. From Harajuku to Akihabara, your inner kid will be ecstatic to walk the streets of the most electric metropolises in the world. While flight deals abound these days to make your way to the island, you can also stay within the city for relatively cheap.Small hotels and of course, capsule bed options allow you to experience the city on a budget. These are located in a bookshop. The onsens, or bathhouses, within the city will give a break from the bustle and allow you to process and take it all in.

Miami, Florida

Every year, artists, designers, and musicians from around the world descend on Miami for Wyndwood to paint larger than life murals and throw big parties. Outside of that, Miami still packs a lot of sources of inspiration. Art galleries, up-and-coming designers, musicians, beautiful beaches, and great food will captivate you while you walk around South Beach.

The melting pot of cultures, light pink buildings, and the constant Spanish in the background will transport you away from work thoughts into vacation mode. We promise.