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VidCon 2016 Recap: Backstage at the Patreon Creator Lounge

Did you miss VidCon this year? Fear not, we’re bringing you backstage in this VidCon 2016 recap.

VidCon is truly a spectacle to experience and behold. Bigger-than-life creators and Youtube personalities, all jam-packed and bursting at the seams in the Anaheim Convention Center, for a weekend of panels, booths and of course, parties.

Among the noise and the celebration of all things VidCon, you’ll find [cue trumpets] the Patreon Creators Lounge! A massive creative environment where creators can relax, network, and share their latest projects. I (hey, I’m Rey!) was fortunate enough to sit and film interviews with some of the most popular and influential Youtube creators at VidCon.

Stay tuned, and make sure to subscribe to our newest Patreon Youtube channel. We’re working on producing many more original Patreon videos and adventures in the coming weeks.

Special thanks to Greg Miller, Peter Hollens, Tim Gettys, Steve Betterson, Chris Ryniak, Nick Scarpino, Louies’ Loops, Craig Benzine, and Daym Drops.

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