How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Creator

If you’re a creator you’ve probably run into the issue of finding the all too elusive “balance” between work and life. Whether you’re creating full-time, part-time, or side-hustling your creative endeavors, finding balance is just plain hard. But you’re in luck! This month, we’ve done the research, talked to creators, and pulled together four articles that focus on work-life balance in hopes of getting you closer to finding it.

Here’s how part-time creators, full-time creators, side-hustler creators, and Hannah Witton, a creator who has made time-management an integral part of getting things done, have gotten closer to balancing life and work.

How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Part-Time Creator

“How much time can you set aside that might take away from your regular job to devote to your Patreon? Factor in how much you can get back from Patreon and treat it as part of your job,” that’s Rob Kovacs of 88bit advice for working part-time as a creator while also holding down a full-time gig.

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way to be a creator. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for work-life balance. What works for somebody else might not work for you and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that whatever you’re working on isn’t important, valuable, and worth pursuing. Sometimes, you just need to try things out and see what works. In this article, get first-hand strategies from Rob Kovacs and more on successfully being a part-time creator.

How to Find a Work-Life Balance as a Full-Time Creator

Being your own boss is one of the greatest perks of being a full-time creator. You can show up to work when you want to, leave when you please, and run your business the way you see fit. If you’re feeling a little burnt out, you have the power to turn off your cell phone and tune out for a few days to recharge. But how often do you feel like you’re missing out on the world around you?

For creator Joumana Medlej, being selective about freelance projects helps balance her workload. When she’s asked to take a freelance project, her first question is, “is it worth it?”

“I’m increasingly picky because there’s so much I need to do for my own practice, and it’s easy to get eaten up by side tasks.”

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to live a full life while also working full-time as a creator, read our article on finding work-life balance and learn how three different Patreon creators make it work.

How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Side Hustle Creator

While it might seem like the full-time creator is ideal or the most successful, there are plenty of reasons why people choose other structures. The fact is, there’s no single right way to be a creator. Each creator’s working hours, technique, intention, habits, structure, and job description are a little different — and they should be! The fact is, there’s no single right way to be a creator.

Creator Irshad Karim, who runs Drawabox, says, “I work three jobs — my full-time job at a game studio, my main Patreon (which involves critiquing my students’ drawing homework, managing the community, creating new lesson content, etc.), and my work illustrating a webcomic which has its own nascent Patreon.”

He suggests that goodwill is a currency and that investment of time, in the beginning, can pay off to a better balance later.

“I invested the effort and time in the beginning while the community was small and doing everything for free was feasible.”

Learn from creators like Irshad Karim and take their actionable advice on finding success in your side hustle in this article.

Hannah Witton is Here to Show Us How to Manage Time

“My main strategy is that when it comes to tasks and to-do lists, everything must have a date,” shares author, YouTuber, and podcaster Hannah Witton.With a packed schedule, Hannah has every excuse in the book (see what we did there) to forgo organization. However, she knows that the time she spends tracking and planning her workflow saves her time in the long run.

From color coordinating her calendar, adding due dates to every task, and letting her team know when she needs personal time, Hannah Witton shares her tried and true strategies for better time management in this article.

So, does work-life balance exist?

The short answer is, it depends. For some creators, it’s just not an option. As video-creator Glen Henry recently shared with us, “The balancing thing is such a myth, it’s all about juggling. It’s all about learning how to catch something when it’s falling and having the capacity to send it back up.”

Whether you’re juggling, balancing, or you’re feeling the pressure to have it all while creating, take a deep breath! Figure out what works for you, and never stop creating!