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The Second Renaissance is Here

Professional creativity has finally gone mainstream. And we knew this day would come. Never before in human history have people been so connected, and the barriers to making amazing content so low. There are over four billion people online, and more than a billion of them have phones that can produce movie studio quality content […].

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The Art of the (Re)Launch

June 09Jordana Colomby

Whenever you’re launching a new project, you always have to think about the rollout. The days, weeks, and even months leading up to a big reveal are crucial for getting people excited about, and familiar with, what you’ve got coming. The same goes for relaunching. We’ve seen it a million times (remember when Dunkin’ Donuts […]

These five Patreon podcasters are getting creative with their untraditional show formats and patron benefits.

Meet These Top Patreon Podcasters

June 03Jordana Colomby

Here on Patreon, we’re lucky to have the best of the best creating podcasts about everything from Canadian politics to fantasy football. We’re talking about industry leaders who are changing the future of the medium and inspiring others to do the same. They’re showing the creative community that there’s always room to do something different, […]