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The Second Renaissance is Here

Professional creativity has finally gone mainstream. And we knew this day would come. Never before in human history have people been so connected, and the barriers to making amazing content so low. There are over four billion people online, and more than a billion of them have phones that can produce movie studio quality content […].

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Rose is the "Head Futurologist" of her podcast network, Flash Forward Presents, where she talks about issues like immunity and voting rights, and helps us understand what our future as a human race might look like.

Our mission is to give creators the freedom to make whatever they want, however they want – adult creators included. In order to empower this creativity while fostering a safe and welcoming environment for our community, we have to limit certain content that’s publicly available (meaning visible to non-patrons) on creator pages.  What do we […]

Laurent Crenshaw has been fighting the good fight as a policy professional for over a decade, and in August 2020 he made the move to Patreon so he could be part of the engine that’s powering the new creator economy.