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The Second Renaissance is Here

Professional creativity has finally gone mainstream. And we knew this day would come. Never before in human history have people been so connected, and the barriers to making amazing content so low. There are over four billion people online, and more than a billion of them have phones that can produce movie studio quality content […].

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You may have heard the saying “small businesses are the backbone of America,” and while it’s a nice sentiment, it’s really all talk. In fact, Bethany Swartwood cringes every time she hears a politician utter those words. “If that was true,” she says, “they wouldn’t make it so hard for the self-employed to exist.” Bethany […]

We’re thrilled to announce that Tiffany Stevenson is joining Patreon as Chief People Officer overseeing our global HR practice.
After leaving Bon Appetit video, Carla Lalli Music moved to Patreon to create something that felt as authentic to herself as it would to her community: Carla’s Cooking Show.