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16 Creators You Shouldn’t Miss at VidCon

Now that you know how to get organized for VidCon, it’s time to talk about the real stars: the creators. There will be TONS of creators gracing the stages and halls of VidCon, but we’ve picked 16 of the ones we refuse to let you miss this year. From talented songwriters to quirky artists. this all-star cast of creator’s you’ve got to see is comprised of the most innovative makers who’ve reached fame through the World Wide Web.

Go on, push play.

16 Creators You’ll Want to See at VidCon

George Watsky


Watsky has a way with words of every kind: spoken word, rapping, acting, joking, and even writing! He has just released his first book How to Ruin Everything Essays by George Watsky. George’s content is not only entertaining and fun, but also very thought provoking, intelligent, and profound!

Find George at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter

Julia Nunes


Julia plucks my heartstrings as her ukelele and honest vocals transport me with her through her times of heartbreak, love, success, and failure. Be prepared to laugh, smile, and shed tears. Also, take a look at her video to the song Make Out. It’s super catchy and the video literally made me cry. LITERALLY.

Find Julia at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter /Check out Julia’s Patreon Page

Casey Neistat


Casey is not afraid to challenge the status quo, he’s always done it and continues to do so. He’s the king of self-taught, and he showcases his skills (from design to filmmaking) in each and every one of his videos. In this video in particular, he teaches us how to challenge a ticket he got for riding in the bike lane. Casey’s planning something big for VidCon this year: check it out here.

Find Casey at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter

Ingrid Nilsen


The first youtubers I started following were the beauty-gurus! I speak on behalf of many girls when I say that I owe so much of my amazing halloween makeup-ability to girls like Ingrid Nilsen. She’s one of my favorites because she is brave, kind, and has some serious skills. Her product reviews are on point and her make-up tutorials can make you look like a superstar any day of the week.

Find Ingrid at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter

Jack Conte


Jack Conte is not only the CEO and co-founder of Patreon, but also one half of an amazing musical duo ‘’Pomplamoose.” A Stanford alum and master DIYer, Jack has created music videos with robots and a company that helps creators make a living doing what they do best. He is playing in the Patreon lounge on Sunday, so don’t miss out!

Find Jack at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter / Check out Jack’s Patreon Page



HartBeat is absolutely hilarious. Seriously, everything she does is so unexpected and unique, you’ll find yourself getting lost in her videos fast. Not only is she incredibly entertaining, she is deep and has a lot to say, which you’ll see at her panels at VidCon.

Find HartBeat at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter / Check out HartBeat’s Patreon Page

Hank Green


Hank Green is the founder of VidCon and the recently formed Internet Creators Guild. He has worked tirelessly to help encourage thoughtful practices in internet creation and to help more people make a living making stuff on the internet! Start out with the channel Vlogbrothers and watch your addiction cascade from there.

Find Hank at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter / Check out one of Hank’s Patreon Pages

John Green


John Green is a Novelist and a the other Vlogbrother — John and Hank are brothers! He’s also an award-winning, #1 Bestselling author and was selected by TIME magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World along with Hank.

Find John at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter / Check out on of John’s Patreon Pages

Emily Graslie The Brain Scoop


Plainly said, Emily isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. She always puts learning above being grossed out… she once dissected an entire wolf!  She’s also a strong advocate for women and diversity on YouTube and in STEM jobs.

Find Emily at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter

Chris Ryniak


Patreon loves Chris’s creations so much we filled an entire wall of our office with it! Big-eyed, cute, scary, and slobbering, Chris Ryniak’s monstrous creations always spur up a variety of emotions within me and most of his viewers. Make sure not to miss a chance to create live art with him at  the Patreon VidCon Lounge on Friday!

Say Hey on Twitter / Check out Chris’ Patreon Page

Hannah Witton


Hannah does it all. She devotes her channel to talking about relationships, books, films, TV, music, and of course, the topics we were all too scared to talk about.  She is forging the way in sex education, and doing it while having fun (which of course includes the best drunk advice you’ll ever get).

Find Hannah at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter

Mary Doodles

noun_185899 (1)

Artist, comedian and time-lapse painting extraordinaire, Mary Doodles is just brilliant! She will be popping by the Patreon Lounge over the week too! So come Doodle with Mary!!

Find Mary at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter

Check out Mary’s Patreon Page



The origins of family vlogging! The Shaytards have shared their life with us through vlogs of their many amazing family adventures, even showing the birth of their child! Following their Journey through life is intense, funny and interesting.  ShayCarl will be discussing a decade of Youtube! He’s been in the industry since it began so it will be fascinating to learn how he found his way.

Find Shaytards at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter

Greg Miller


After attending VidCon in 2012, Greg was inspired to produce regular content. Fast forward to this year, where Greg just won SXSW’s Most Entertaining Online Personality award. VidCon can change liiivees! He is currently managing Kinda Funny Games, and will be on an interesting panel about how to ask for money from your audience.

Find Greg at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter / Check out Greg’s Patreon Page

Andie Case


Andie Case takes singing in a car to a new level – what a voice! She is a phenomenal cover artist and creative songwriter, so I’m really looking forward to checking her out at the AwsomenessTV Festival concert series on Saturday.

Find Andie at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter



You can’t help but fall in love with these singing sisters! Their vocals are flawless and they are so positive and full of life. Cimorelli’s story has been fascinating — growing from singing covers at their front door to the artists they are now is inspiring.

Find Cimorelli at Vidcon / Say Hey on Twitter

That’s my list, so check out their schedules to see them at VidCon. If you have any creators you think we should include, please comment below — I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also if you’re a creator, you need to come recharge at our Patreon lounge room. It’s on the second floor, creator level access, 203AB from 8 am – 6pm everyday. Amazing creators such as Chris Ryniak, Mary Doodles and Jack Conte are performing there over the week. Come say hi!

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