8 Awesomely Outside-The-Box Patreon Campaigns

When someone says “Patreon,” what are the first things that comes to mind?

Cat cafes, right? Same here. Also, medical journals? Yup, likewise. And of course, Patreon = soilless plants? Get out of my head, Blaine!

If, for whatever reason, these weren’t your first thoughts, maybe they will be after today. Here, you’ll find innovative and intriguing campaigns that are taking the concept of membership into new directions. For these creators it’s not about what’s been done – it’s about what can be done. All it takes is a little patron magic.

So here’s to stretching! (Save physical stretches til after the post, thanks).

1. Elise

Working in an Intensive Care Unit is not for the faint of heart. Elise, an ICU nurse, provides a gripping window into this world by way of her end-of-shift reports.

These graphic, humorous and at times heartbreaking entries are based in real experience. Though the author doesn’t shy away from infusing them with creative fiction.

Elise publishes a new post to her Patreon page every Saturday.

2. Hundred Rabbits

On January 15th, Rekka and Devine left their home in Vancouver and moved onto a sailboat.

They began documenting their lives with video diaries that show their adventures and experiments while at sea.

Devine preparing an unidentified dish. The jar has maple syrup in it.

Starkly beautiful images are one of main draws of the diaries. When they hit their next Patreon goal, Hundred Rabbits plan to buy a drone for aerial video shots.

3. Flight Chops

A few years ago, professional filmmaker and amateur pilot Steve Thorne started making self-analysis videos of his flying and sharing them with friends.

His friends encouraged him to share these videos with the community. This eventually led to Flight Chops, a project of immersive aviation videos that now has over 1,000 patrons.

Throne describes the videos as sharing real world experiences “in all their imperfect glory.

Flight chops is using Patreon to raise ongoing funds for production costs. One of the main goals is to garner enough support to flesh out a multi-part mini series, and the ability to travel with a crew for remote shoots.

4. Mission: Comics and Art

Leef Smith opened Mission: Comics & Art in 2009. He has since built it into an epicenter for comics, art, and community.

The store regularly holds art gallery shows, comic book reading clubs, creator meetups, signings, and instructional sessions.

With costs growing steeply for small businesses in San Francisco, patrons are helping to keep Mission: Comics viable for the long haul.

5. Andrew David Thaler

Andrew David Thaler is a self-described “rogue marine ecologist and defender of the ocean.”

Seven years ago, he founded  Southern Fried Science, one of the most widely read ocean science and conservation blogs in the world.

As an Ocean Classrooms Early Career Fellow, he is also developing a broad capability aerial drone for ecology and conservation work in the Chesapeake Bay.

He hopes to leverage his support to better influence policy and social change initiatives, in addition to producing viral content that generates interest in ecology concerns.

To date, support from patrons has helped offset the open access fee for 2 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

His latest project, centered around several patron-supported initiatives, is called Oceanography for Everyone.

6. Cat Town

Since launching in 2011, Cat Town has rescued more than 1,100 cats, and has helped reduce the shelter’s euthanasia rate from 42% in 2011 to 7% today.

They now have a network of approximately 50 foster homes in and around Oakland, California.  Their foster homes are reserved for cats who most need a calm, quiet environment to thrive.

In 2014, Cat town opened America’s first Cat Town Cafe and Adoption Center. The Cafe made it possible to expand inclusion for cats who might make it to adoption at the shelter, but would have to wait weeks or months for that opportunity. The primary goal of the Cafe is to empty as many shelter cages as possible.

A recent launch on Patreon, Cat Town aims to continue growing patron support and to allocate their resources towards vet bills, medical expenses, and operating costs.

Thanks for reading! Have suggestions of creators that you feel are breaking the mold? Post them below!!