Content Collabs: How to Collaborate with Other Creators

Your audience loves you. Your personal brand is solid and your community is telling the world that your content is one-of-a-kind. Your SEO game is awesome. Life as an artist is good.

However, your growth has slowed. Have you already saturated your primary and secondary target audiences? Have you hit a ceiling within your niche?

Hardly — it’s just time to try something new.

So, where are many untapped opportunities and niche communities of future fans waiting to find you? It’s likely you’ll find them highly engaged with your fellow creators. It’s also likely that successful creators across all mediums and niches are dying to work with you and share their audiences.

Commingling your audiences with like-minded content creators is one of the most powerful ways to continue growth your audience and brand. It diversifies your work, creates social proof from other established artists, and introduces you to other dedicated fanbases not yet aware of your mastery. Collaborating with other creators can also be a ton of fun.

Who to Collaborate With

All of your content creation peers across the internet might have an opportunity for a collaborative project. Here are some basic off the wall examples.

Approach a Different Creative Medium


Your diehard fans likely find satisfaction in the work of other creative mediums, especially if they create content that is similar to your own. The readers of a blog dedicated to college sports will likely enjoy a podcast discussing the most recent NFL draft.

If you’re hosting a technology news podcast, consider writing a guest post for a tech news blog. Or, as the creator of a webcomic about pets, you might find value in co-creating content with the host of a web TV series on dog and cat adoption.

Go outside your niche as well.


I’m sure you audience loves your tips and tricks for a healthy life. But, let’s face it. They probably have other interests as well. Some of those interest might be only slightly related to your content, or perhaps not related at all!

Perhaps you’ve already taken the leap of merging your vegan lifestyle podcast with a popular fitness blogger. Nice work. But, is there a chance that your patrons interests also overlap with the work of a science enthusiast? It’s entirely possible.

Think outside the box. Talk to your audience and the audiences of your fellow creators. You might be surprised in seemingly unrelated opportunities that might occur

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Explore Other Genres


Remember when Kanye West and Paul McCartney co-created a song and the musical tastes of modern hip hop enthusiasts and Beatles fanatics collided?

Artists practicing the same craft understand the pains and successes of your work, perhaps more than anybody, and know what it takes to produce something amazing. When you merge your talents by crafting something outside of your genre with another creator, you don’t just get your skills — you get the skills of your collaborator, too. It also is good for your audience, who will be excited to see you create content that is outside of your normal wheelhouse.

Don’t Fear Your Fellow Creators

It’s totally understandable. The fear that your audience will shift their loyalty from you to another creator is real.

However, the internet is a big place and your content belongs to you. It has your unique perspective, talent, and touch, and it’s unlikely that anybody else is creating the exact same thing.

In a vast world of digitally distributed content, the more people engaging with the content of your fellow like-minded creators, the more people are likely to discover and engage with yours.

Ideas to Get Started

  • Reach out. Find a mutual friend or collaborator through LinkedIn or Facebook to get connected, then contact away! Email is best, but don’t be afraid to engage in low touch conversations on twitter.  Keep equal value exchange in mind and don’t reach out with a pitch right off the bat. This is not about short term value extraction. Focus on is about long-term professional and creative relationships.
  • Brainstorm the value you can add. The most common way to provide value to another creator and their audience is to offer an exclusive creation for their content platform and audience. However, guest posting within both the same creative medium and niche is hardly the only option for generating an equal value exchange with another creator.
    • Swap original content. Produce a piece of content for them and have them produce a piece of content for you.
    • Create something together. Put your names behind both of your work. Maybe there’s an opportunity for to lend some high level insight to one of their current projects.
    • Swap shares. Swapping shares on social media can introduce your craft to untapped communities of potential patrons.

Create Value for Others, and They Will Create Value for You


Whether it’s being satisfied by new information, fresh inspiration, or pure entertainment, one of the most important goals we have as content creators is to be provide value to our audience. Create value for them, and they will create value for you.

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