You might think that constantly creating content means never taking a break, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, some of the most interesting and engaging content you can create can take place while you’re on vacation, stepping out of your office, or on the road. Here are some of the ways you can create content on the go while also taking your patrons along for the ride:

  1. Share a change of scenery. It’s all about location when you’re out and about and creating. Think about ways you can transform your vacation or conference visits into shareable content. Don’t have time to make it to a meetup or music festival? No worries, you can also create content by just stepping out of your studio. For instance, solo artist Kina Grannis, whose independent label KG Records is entirely supported by patrons, gets her musical inspiration from nature, animals, and life experiences. In the recent behind the scenes video for track “Birdsong”, Kina talks about how being surrounded by nature and watching birds in flight triggers ideas for her songs.
  2. Don’t ditch the notebook. Creator and fiction writer Seanan McGuire may be “a word processor girl”, but she knows that inspiration requires flexibility. “I take notes longhand and have been known to free-associate to figure out where I’m going next. This occasionally results in my writing entire chapters in tiny little portable notebooks.” And this can apply to any creator. No matter what medium you work in, keeping some basic tools on hand can keep those creative juices flowing and bridge the gap if you aren’t planning on lugging around equipment. Plus, if you’re on vacation, staying away from your computer or camera is a great way to refresh the mental batteries.
  3. There’s an app (and a phone) for that. Our phones have countless capabilities and there are a lot of great options out there for mobile content creation. For audio recording, Adobe Audition CC and BossJock Studio can help you produce and create sound with minimal effort. Apps like Garage Band make it easier for musicians to simulate different instruments away from the studio, while FourTrack and Musescore give you recording and notation options. For those who prefer the written word, even basics apps like Google Docs or Microsoft Word can replace a notebook and keep all your thoughts streamlined in one nice cloud-based space. Remember, the tools you use to create the content isn’t always as important as the content itself. For example, rocket launch photographer Trevor Mahlmann may usually carry a full bag of equipment, but some of his best shots have been taken on his iPhone, like during last year’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch.
  4. Audio recorders are your friend. They’re lightweight, easy-to-use, and a must-have for podcasters, musicians, and writers on the road. Plus, you don’t even need to bring a laptop to record content, though it’s great to have on hand if you’ll have downtime to playback, edit, and mix. A good hand-held recorder can produce great sound when combined with noise-canceling headphones and a handheld or lav microphone. Also make sure to find the best places to record like a quiet outdoor spot, co-working space, or hotel room.Recorders are also fantastic tools for writers and journalists to keep track of interviews, snippets of inspirational conversation, and a record of their own thoughts.
  5. Get in front of your audience. Every Patreon creator wants to make it big (and many have). For those planning on expanding into live events, shows, and appearances of any kind, consider how you can produce great quality content while packing light. And even if you aren’t, the ability to create content while you’re out and about can be invaluable. For example, the creative teams behind the podcast Crime Junkie took their show on the road for seven-month national live tour this summer. Stepping out of the typical place you record and getting face to face with listeners gives you the opportunity to build a deeper connection with your audience and patrons.

Remember, creating content doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Get out, get creative, and realize that the most important aspect of making engaging videos, stories, and more for your audience isn’t the tools you use, but you.