Who Will Sit on the Iron Throne? These Game of Thrones Pages Share Predictions

We are quickly closing in on the final minutes of Game of Thrones. An ending nearly a decade in the making, we gasped and screamed during the Battle of Winterfell, laughed at Tormund’s great stories about giants, and revisited our last minute theories about who will finally sit on the throne. We’ve been following this saga on HBO since 2011, can you believe it?

If you’re dying to catch up on details that you may have missed or ongoing theories leading up to the series finale, we’ve rounded up the top 6 creators that will help you get to an optimal place for the last episode ever of Game of Thrones.

1. Natalie Bochenski’s Game of Thrones Recaps

The self-described Mother of Kittens, former journalist Natalie Bochenski has been recapping Game of Thrones since season two, both on her blog and publications around the internet with a special kind of humor. Her podcast and written detailed recaps (they take her nearly seven hours to complete!) will keep you updated on missed details, ongoing theories, and reviewing key events.

Every Wednesday, she leads a closed YouTube live stream for her $5 and higher patrons to chat more about the show and ask any burning dragon questions. Her personal touch in both the recaps and audio will help you understand why her patrons stick around for her unique perspective on the show and — well, Jon Snow.

2. Secrets of the Citadel

At nearly 90,000 YouTube subscribers, Secrets of the Citadel continues to succeed at creating engaging video content about the happenings in Westeros. The team keeps its patrons updated on upcoming content, early access to material, bonus podcast episodes, and Q&A sessions depending on your tier. For the ultimate background, the team also narrates character histories as to how they relate to the books. It’s a excellent place to start if you’re not very familiar with the books.

As we head to the end of the series, every detail in the trailer could contain a clue. Be sure to follow the Citadel’s trailer breakdowns as well as in-depth character dives, like the controversial move Jamie did during last week’s episode.

3. WiC Club

WiC Club offers editorial content, including news, reviews, recaps and more, on Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire series through their website, Winteriscoming.net. As a way to create premium content and engage fans further, the team created a Patreon to provide a space for rambles, extra rants about the episodes, and additional columns.

Lower tiers will give you access to one article a week and a members-only episode from Take the Black, their weekly chat show and podcast. Higher tiers (above $10/month) get you access to a live stream with Winter is Coming Club’ editor Dan Selcke, where patrons can have a full discussion about Game of Thrones, both the TV show and books.

Their latest member-only post about the backlash of “The Last of the Starks” episode is a must-listen.

4. Ser Hunts

If you’ve read every book, recap, and article on the internet and you’re bursting with theories, subscribe to Ser Hunts’ Patreon page as he doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to Game of Thrones predictions. He creates video content both on YouTube and patron-only content with theories on who will die, things you might’ve missed during an episode, and any leaks around the internet. Depending on your tier, you may see four to five videos a week to tide you over until the next episode.

With two episodes remaining and Cersei still at the throne, he brings together evidence in his latest video of where the show might be going to die as it heads to the series finale.

5. Got Academy

Looking for a place to discuss the political and historical implications of decisions made within Westeros? Look no further than Got Academy. Wondering that move that Cersei made and its consequences? They have a discussion for that. Don’t miss their periodical Google Hangouts conversations with their supporters.

The team creates fun videos about Game of Thrones, including reactions to recent episodes and predictions of who will end up sitting at the throne for good at the end. Their latest take? Why there’s only one way this could all end. Intrigued? Check it out here.

6. History of Westeros

Aziz, Ashaya and Sean host History of Westeros, a space for those obsessed with Game of Thrones and its inner workings. The team puts incredible work into each episode with hours of research, production, editing, and even guest voice actors. They call each episode “Part lecture, part fiery sermon, part silly.”

Don’t miss their latest live stream with predictions for the series finale, including whether or not there will be a throne left in the end.

Do you have any other favorites leading up to the Game of Thrones series finale?