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Patreon and Reddit team up to help you attract new patrons!

As a Patreon creator, you’re probably no stranger to engaging with your fans on a regular basis. But there’s one place in particular where fans form communities and keep the conversation flowing unlike anywhere else… Drumroll, please.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially joined forces with Reddit — the largest network of communities on the internet — to offer creators and fans a better way to connect with each other. Reddit is the #5 most visited site in the US. Millions of people around the world gather on Reddit every day to converse, connect, post, vote, and comment in communities organized around their interests.

Many Patreon creators moderate a Reddit community where their fans gather and converse. Together, we’ve built an integration that helps you engage more deeply with patrons, grow your membership business, and ultimately, spend more time creating. And it's available now!

Do you already moderate a Reddit community? Click here to get started now.

What does this integration do?

It’s no secret that creators love Reddit. Launching and moderating a Reddit community for your work can be an incredible way to expand your reach and grow your fan base. But Reddit is about to get a whole lot more exciting for your patrons, too.

Now, with our new Reddit integration, you can distinguish your patrons with special Patreon flair in the Reddit community where your fans gather and connect.

Here’s an example of the special flair for patrons as it appears in Amanda Palmer’s Reddit community.


Not only will your patrons get to sport a patron-only badge of pride next to their comments and content in your community, but the rest of your Reddit community will have the opportunity to sign up to become a patron straight from Reddit — a great way to convert new fans to patrons.


Additionally, this integration will add a widget to your Patreon page to share and promote your Reddit community to anyone who visits your Patreon page.

Spend more time creating

One of the biggest advantages of this integration is that once it’s set up it runs automatically with no manual upkeep. This means that you can keep engaging with your Reddit community business-as-usual, while new patrons instantly receive an exciting perk. Talk about a low maintenance way to excite your patrons!

Make your patrons feel special

You put a ton of thought into how you reward your patrons, and we want to equip you with more ways to make your patrons feel recognized. The special Patreon flair enabled with this integration is a great way to distinguish patrons in a public setting as your most devoted fans.

"Patreon is where my entire community gathers, and this integration with Reddit will make it easier for us to have better, deeper and more organized conversations with one another. And god knows, we really need that right now." - Amanda Palmer

Grow your membership business

Promoting your Patreon page on Reddit is an incredible way to build awareness for your membership business. Let your patrons become advocates for your membership business when they publicly sport their Patreon flair in your Reddit community. The Patreon sign-up widget on your Reddit page will make it easy for fans to convert to patrons, helping you grow your business and earn the salary you deserve.

Get set up in minutes

Whether you already moderate a Reddit community or would like to start one, this integration set up is easy. Read the instructions in our Help Center article to get set up. Or click here if you'd like to go ahead and enable the integration.

We hope that our integration with Reddit offers you an easy way to excite your patrons, grow your business, and spend more time creating while your community thrives.