How Patreon Helps Creators Do What They Love

Here at Patreon, we are romantics at heart. Sure, flowers and chocolates are nice but what really gets our motor running is providing the space and support for creators to do what they love.

We all spend so much of our lives at work, it’s important to nourish our creative pursuits as well and if you can pivot from making to monetizing that’s when you’ve hit the sweet spot. In fact, studies show that when people are given an opportunity to play to their strengths and indulge in their passions they find their work more enjoyable.

So how does commanding a patron-driven business allow you to love life as a creator?Whether it’s the emotional support and encouragement of your patrons, that financial cushion to ease stress while you create, or the legitimacy that comes from being paid for your art, these talented creators share what they love about the Patreon platform.

Support and Community

Being a creator can be a vulnerable experience. You put your heart and soul into your work and then you let it free without any control over how it’s received in the world. That’s why artist AngelaCross loves the support she receives from the Patreon community. “Having patrons has helped me immensely with accountability and building consistency. If I am ever feeling unmotivated or down, I just look at my list of patrons and it reminds me I have people who believe in me,” she says.

It’s not the numbers that count for Angela since she’s still building her followers. But those patrons, although small in number, make her feel seen and that her work has merit. “My patrons let me know there is value in my art and in the creative learning process,” she says.

Of course, emotional support is important, and we all need a virtual hug from time to time, but the financial support that patrons provide, even when relatively modest, can be life-changing.Angela’s $25 per month goal allows her to buy art supplies, reference materials and to save for experiences that would otherwise have been out of reach. “I look at the things I’ve been able to get on just that $25 and it is amazing to me. It’s a lot of things that would not otherwise have been in my budget like research trips and museum studies,” she says.

Building a community and even making new friends has been an unexpected benefit for Angela. “I’ve gone to art museums with some of my patrons and become much closer with them, building a really positive creator/patron relationship,” she says.

Freedom to Explore Your Craft

All artists, performers, and creators are happiest when they are doing what they love. By creating a following and growing your fanbase you’ll have more time to devote to your passions.

Developing a successful Patreon page gives musician and poet Nate Maingard the space to delve into his creative process. “I have the time to go deep into my experiences and bring back what I find. Whether I’m soaring in the heights of bliss or crawling through the crushing depths of shadow, I am able to go there and be there, thanks to my patrons,” he says.

He credits the emotional and financial support of his Patreon patrons with allowing him the right inspirations and condistions to create songs like, “When The Colours Fade.”

A Fresh Way of Thinking

Sometimes creators can find that they lose their spark when they have to temper their artistic process with thoughts of marketing and cashflow. For Chris Cade Patreon actually helped him move away from those worries and embrace a whole new business model.

For more than a decade he sold personal growth courses before moving to Patreon and deciding to offer his patrons access to his courses for free. “I’ve completely changed my model since moving to Patreon, and I am so glad I did! Every day is just another wonderful adventure in how I can give back even more to the world and make it a better place,” he says.

This karmic approach works for Chris as he finds his supporters are still choosing to purchase other products from him and continue to support his work. “Since making that shift, I feel much happier with my work. I love that I wake up in the morning and just think about how much more I can give unconditionally and that brings me so much more joy than I ever had selling my courses,” he says.

Making Ends Meet

As much as we understand the integrity of art, we know those bills need paying too. Patreon is changing the way creativity is funded and supported and that’s one of the things our creators love about us.

Patreon creator Dekilah, a sensual content creator, explains how having that safety parachute of knowing Patreon has her back in all matters financial, allows her to focus on her process.Growing up in a home built by Habitat for Humanity where money was tight, the stress of managing on a low income was a reality for her parents. Her Patreon income provides a cushion for those unpredictable expenses that can derail her plans, like when her fridge needed to be replaced or when her basement flooded. “My Patreon income has allowed me to save money for those issues,” she says.

Beyond the practical considerations, Dekilah has found purpose and self-worth in having her work recognized and valued by her patrons. “I can’t work a normal day job due to health/pain issues. But with Patreon I can take what I’m good at and turn it into a way for me to be a productive member of society,” she says.