Patreon joins Tech Coalition to protect children online

Patreon has officially joined the Tech Coalition, an alliance of global tech companies who are working together to combat child sexual exploitation and abuse online.

Our team is always thinking about ways to grow our tools, policies, and processes to make sure Patreon is a safe place for young creators. Through the Tech Coalition’s working groups, peer-to-peer mentoring, and resource sharing, we’ll be able to strengthen our approach to keeping minors safe.

Our work with the Tech Coalition is the latest in a series of partnerships with world-class organizations that specialize in the space of protecting children online. We’ve also been working with Thorn and The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), whose research-driven expertise continues to mitigate risks and keep Patreon a safe place for children 13 and up.

Patreon should be a space where young creators can feel confident expressing themselves, without putting their safety or privacy at risk. That’s why we constantly assess, prioritize, and mitigate the risks of harmful content to minors. Patreon’s Community Guidelines address the topic of Teen Safety and other types of content that impact teens, from pornography, self-harm, and dangerous organizations to harassment, bullying, and the promotion of drugs and paraphernalia. Patreon has zero tolerance for content that violates our policies.

If you come across abuse, harmful, or toxic behavior of any kind, please use our block and report tools. You can also reach out to our support team or report a violation any time by sending us a request here.

Creators everywhere use Patreon to build sustainable businesses and connect with their communities online. Our partnership with the Tech Coalition will help them continue to do so in a way that’s safer than ever before.