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New Look, New Navigation

Hey everyone, I’m Ben, the head of Design here at Patreon. I fell into design many years ago where — as an artist, musician, and maker — I realized that design was the connective tissue that united those creative endeavors. I’m privileged to be at Patreon helping amazing creators, artists and makers earn money for the amazing work they do.

Introducing a lighter, brighter look

I’m here to announce a refreshed look and feel of Patreon, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Creators and patrons who visit Patreon.com will see a lighter, brighter, and more streamlined design—not to mention an updated creator navigation.

Your work, front and center

At Patreon, we obsess over putting creators first in every decision we make. Our vision for this update aims to provide a design system that’s clean, intuitive, and ultimately puts your work front and center. We also took this opportunity to improve the accessibility of Patreon - introducing a font and color palette that brings significantly improved legibility to our product.

Find and focus on what matters most to you

The creator navigation was updated as part of this vision, with the goal of making it easier for you to find and focus on what’s important for your membership business. You’ll see some minor adjustments to how features are grouped in your left-hand menu. Rest assured, no functionality has been removed, and you will find a walk-through in the product with tips on where to find everything.

More customization is coming

Over the coming months, you can expect more design updates to come out as we continue to refine our product and lay the foundation for exciting new features, including new ways for you to customize your Creator Page.

We can’t wait for you to check out an improved Patreon! Questions? Read more here.