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Patron Manager

In the Patron Manager, you’ll find a list of all of your monthly payouts (if you are a “per creation” creator, you will see a list of all of your paid posts).

Clicking into a post will take you to a list of all of the patrons who were your patron for that month (or when you made the post). From here, you can see which patrons were successfully processed or declined for that month/post, as well as the total amount that your patrons paid for your posts and the total amount processed to you.

From this page, you can perform the following actions for one patron (or multiple patrons by checking the boxes to the left of selected patrons):

Post to processed patrons

This button allows you to create a new post that is only shared with your patrons whose payments have already processed.

Send messages

Some creators opt to send rewards via messages while others simply use messages to send one-off notes to their patrons. However you use it, this button will allow you to send the same message to multiple patrons at once or send a quick note to one.

Mark patrons complete

Fear not—marking patrons complete will not make them disappear! This button is to help you keep track of which patrons you’ve already sent rewards to. Simply click “mark complete” after sending rewards and you know which patrons are still awaiting rewards.

Block a patron

In the unfortunate event that a patron is making you feel uncomfortable, you can choose to block them. This’ll make it so they are no longer able to view your patron-only content or become your patron again in the future.

Issue refunds

Your Patron Manager also allows you to easily refund patrons. We do not issue refunds on behalf of creators and it is 100% up to you to decide whether or not a patron is owed a refund.

Download a CSV

CSV files allow you to plug all of your patron data into software and services you may be using in tandem with Patreon.  The most common ways creators use these files are for merchandise fulfillment, email marketing sites like Mailchimp and during tax season.