Ready. Set. Record! Meet These 10 Creators at VidCon 2019

This year’s VidCon, taking place July 10 to July 13 at the Anaheim Convention Center, will be chockful of all your favorite video stars! Attendees will have access to panels, discussions, giveaways, meet and greets, and tracks (community, creator, and industry) centered around all things video content creation.

Patreon will be at this year’s VidCon, where you can see many creators leave the screen and take to the stage, sharing insights on the success they’ve found through video and audience support ( our CEO Jack Conte will also be hosting a panel on July 12 if you’d like to get the inside scoop on The Business of Creating).

Intrigued? We thought so! Looking for even more of a reason to get excited? Here are some of the creators to check out during your VidCon weekend.

1. Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque uses her online video platform to discuss her experiences as a trans woman. Her goal is to eliminate misrepresentation in the world by conducting empathetic, humanizing, and educational interviews for her audience.

At this year’s VidCon, Kat will host two panels: on July 11, she’ll host LGBTQ+ Edu and You, and on July 13, she’ll host Your Life Online and Off: Privacy and Finding the Balance. Both of these are available through the Community track.

2. Annie Segarra (aka Annie Elainey)

After being diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Annie Segarra realized that online video was the perfect medium to discuss their disability with an active and supportive audience. Other topics she discusses focus on LGBTQ, body image, and some of her other specific interests, such as her music, art, writing, and more. Her channel covers many topics like disability, body image, media representation, LGBTQ community and lifestyle, identity, daily life, music, art, and original writing.

On July 12, Annie will host two panels back-to-back: Listen to Your Body: Creation and Illness and Disability and Activism, both through the Community track.

3. Beleaf in Fatherhood

Glen uses Patreon to share his experiences as a husband and dad of four children. One of the best parts of this channel is that viewers get to connect as a community, which comes with a variety of perks depending on how you’re able to support them.

Glen will host two panels on the Creator track: one on July 11 titled Patreon Presents: How to Run a Membership for Your Fans and a Creator Keynote on July 13. He’ll also host two Community track panels: one of July 12 called Fun for the Whole Family and a panel on Creators for Change.

4. Julia Nunes

Musician Julia Nunes will also be at this year’s VidCon. Julia allows her patrons to get direct access to her music and videos depending on their level of contribution. On top of music videos, she also posts cooking recipes and tutorials.

On July 10, Julia will host a Community track panel titled Founding Featured Creator Content Series. She’ll also host two Creator track panels: Patreon Presents: How to Run a Membership for Your Fans and a Creator Keynote on July 13.

5. Comedy Trap House

Comedy Trap House is a comedic podcast presented by the guys in Dormtainment, this group aims to make its listeners laugh each week on a variety of topics. If you join their $5 tier, you’ll be able to get an extra weekly podcast episode, called Boss Talk.

You can catch the group on the Creator track on July 12 called Create a Viral Sketch With Dormtainment.

6. Binging With Babish

If you’re looking for some new recipes or cooking inspiration, then Andrew Rea is a creator that you’ll want to follow. And his over 2,700 patrons are a testament to that. He also provides his patrons with fun perks, like sending a garlic peeler to U.S.-based patrons and exclusive videos.

There will be two Community track panels on July 10 with Andrew Rea: The Food Duplicators and Binging With Babish.

7. ContraPoints

Natalie Wynn creates video essays and short films that discuss social justice issues and related topics. She makes monthly videos and offers various exclusive perks to her patrons like AMA access.

Natalie will host two Community track panels on July 11: Lindsay Ellis & Natalie Wynn Talk to You and LGBTQ+ Edu and You. On July 12, she’ll also host Navigating Identity Online.

8. Kati Morton

Kati Morton is a licensed therapist who uses her Patreon platform and social media to increase mental health awareness and connect with her patrons. With almost 500 patrons and over 750,000 YouTube subscribers, Kati uses her platform to educate those who may afraid of asking for help.

On July 11 and July 13, she’ll do Community track panels titled Neurodiversity Online and Finding Your People. On July 11, she’ll also do a Creator track, Patreon Presents: How to Run a Membership for Your Fans.

9. Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie uses her Patreon platform to share her music and videos. She has plenty of offers for her patrons including diary entries, unused lyrics, notes she takes while creating her music, Q&As, personalized videos.

Catch her at VidCon where she’ll be hosting three Community track panels, two on July 11 and one on July 13: “Escape the Night” Exclusive Premiere Season 4, Tackling Mental Health Online, and The Third Annual Night of Awesome.

10. How to ADHD

Jessica McCabe uses her Patreon platform to help spread awareness of ADHD and provide ADHD-friendly tools to make life easier for those who deal with ADHD. In addition to the videos, Jessica creates articles, speaks at events, shares podcasts, and gives TEDx talks on ADHD.

She’ll be hosting Neurodiversity Online with other creators, available on the Community track.

Whether you want to continue as a fan or eventually make content for your own video channel, VidCon 2019 is a great place to start. See you there!