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What can Patreon Premium do for my creative business?

Patreon’s mission is to fund the creative class. Previously, we had a one size fits all approach to membership — one Patreon plan for all creators. But recently, we launched new creator plans to meet creators wherever they are in their career. Now more than ever before, Patreon can help grow your membership business in a way that's right for you.

Who is Patreon Premium for?

Premium is for established creators and media businesses who want to have a more professional relationship with Patreon. They require a higher level of service and more advanced features that are designed for their large scale operations.

Here is the type of creator who will get the most out of Premium:

  • Is a full-time creator, earning or expects to earn $2,500 a month or more on Patreon
  • Has an engaged audience of at least 100K followers on a social platform or content hub
  • Has team members that help manage their business

To help you figure out if Premium is right for your creative business, here’s a detailed breakdown of the perks that the plan offers:

Partner with a trusted advisor who cares about your creative business

02 blog-premium-coaching

With Premium, a Dedicated Partner Manager will personally assist you with your membership business. They are in-house, industry experts who know what it takes to run a creative business on Patreon and beyond. They will become a valuable resource to your team, helping you strengthen, grow, and maintain your membership business.

"I feel incredibly lucky to get to work directly with creators, learn their businesses, and help them map out what long-term success on Patreon could look like. Every creator is different, and that’s one of the things that makes being a Partner Manager so exciting,” Keeley, Partner Manager at Patreon

Here is what a Partner Manager can do for your creative business:

  • Expert coaching: Your Partner Manager will be there to guide you through all aspects of building membership on Patreon. Kick off your partnership with an in-depth assessment of your creative business, and stay on track with quarterly business reviews. They’ll help you set goals for your business, refresh your tiers and benefits, and teach you to use features like Special Offers to expand your earnings on Patreon.
  • Be the first to know: Since you’ll have a direct line of communication with Patreon, you’ll have the opportunity to be included in beta trials of new product features before they go to market. Also, your Partner Manager will invite you to join the Patreon team at notable industry events as a thought leader, panelist, performer and more, allowing you to make connections and gain exposure.
  • Greater access to data: Your Partner Manager knows Patreon better than anyone. Every day, they help creators gain insight into their Patreon data, giving them valuable feedback about their creative businesses. They'll help you dive deep into your Patreon analytics so that you can better reach your membership goals. Plus, they’ll help you highlight areas of growth, track patron retention, and gauge the success of your benefits and marketing plans.

Make offering merch to your fans a breeze with Patreon’s new service, Merch for Membership

03 blog-premium-merch

Merch is a great way to reward your most loyal fans. Not only does merch encourage your fans to become patrons, there is nothing quite like that feeling of getting a good-looking piece of merch from a creator that you love.

However, while your fans love merch, to say the process is time consuming for creators is an understatement. From finding the right designer and manufacturer, to tracking, packaging, and delivering merch to your fans, the merch process is something many creators just don’t have the time for.

But with Merch for Membership, you can say goodbye to licking stamps and making late night runs to office supply stores because you ran out of packing tape. We’ve created a streamlined feature that makes it easy to get unique, high-quality merch to your most loyal fans.

Rather than create a storefront where your fans can buy your merch, Merch for Membership is an experience unique to Patreon. It allows your merch to be automatically shipped out to patrons who have supported you for 3 months. This incentivizes membership and rewards your most loyal patrons without the hassle of sourcing and shipping merch yourself.

Here is what Merch for Membership can do for your creative business:

  • See your design come to life: No more searching for that perfect product to offer your fans. With Merch for Membership, you’ll be able to easily create products that your most loyal patrons will be proud to own. Simply upload your original design idea, and it will be transformed into exclusive and professional merch that will be available only to your most devoted fans.
  • We’ll handle the rest: Seriously. We got it from here. You can rest easy knowing that Patreon handles all aspects of getting your merch to your patrons, such as shipping, tracking, and customer support, including lost and damaged item replacement. All you’ll need to do is promote your new merch to your fans and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Smart pricing optimization: Figuring out how much to charge for merch can be a challenge. With Merch for Membership, we’ll help you pick a price that makes sense for both you and your patrons. We optimize to make sure your most loyal patrons are rewarded at price points that cover all of your production and shipping costs.

How do I sign up for Patreon Premium?

If you’re already a creator on Patreon and you think Patreon Premium might be right for you, click here and select “Change Plan.” Then select the "apply" button under the Premium plan.

If you’re not on Patreon yet and you want to get started with Premium, click here and select “Get Started” under the Premium plan. Patreon Premium currently has a limited number of openings, and we are rolling it out gradually as space becomes available. The application process allows us to learn more about you so we can prioritize those creators who will get the most out of Premium.