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Writers! We Want To Meet You At SF Writers Conference

In short, I really want to hang out with you at SF Writers Conference, but let me tell you why.

I’m Lauren, office manager here at Patreon. I like to think I make all the things go smoothly. I also happen to be super passionate about writing and all things literature. As a former creative writing major, I guess you could say I’m a writer myself — though I don’t think I’ve earned this creed (and I’m sure many budding authors out there feel the same). Patreon is sending me to the SF Writers conference this week, and I would really love to see you there!

I’m super stoked to meet some fellow writers and workshop some of my stuff! Our marketing wizard, Graham Hunter will be on two panels:

You can definitely find me in those audiences — please do come say hey! You can’t miss me, I have blue hair (oh wait, did I just describe 30% of the SF population?), or say hey over the internets by tweeting at me here, or graham here. Can’t wait!